Create a Photoshop poster with amazing effects.

In this tutorial, we will create using Photoshop the Omega Code poster, a mysterious collage with stunning effects of smoke and light. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a collage with textures, we will place an Omega sign in the center, and then add realistic smoke and light effects. In this lesson you will learn methods that will help you create the best projects.

Final image:

At all the steps of this lesson we will use simple basic methods: masks, brushes, filters, color correction and texture. This tutorial uses Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, but you can use earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1

First, create a new document 800? 1000 px Resolution (Resolution) 72dpi, RGB 8bits color with dark gray background # 0f0f0f.

Add a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), take the tool Brush(Brush) (B), select brush particles and add particles as shown below.

Then reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 1%.

Step 2

Next, import the following texture into your document.

Change its blending mode to SoftLight (Soft light).

Then add an adjustment layer. Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) through menu Layer> NewAdjustmentLayer> Hue and Saturation (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Hue / Saturation).

Step 3

Then paste the following image of smoke into the working paper.

Change the blending mode to Screen (Screen) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 5%.

Delete the bottom of the image to hide the outline.

Then duplicate it.

Add a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), take Brush (Brush) (B) size 2 px and draw diagonal lines, as shown in the image below.

(To draw straight lines with a brush in Photoshop, hold down the Shift key and click at point A and then point B).

Do the same by adding another form.

Then take the tool Rectangular marquee(Rectangular selection area) (M) and make a rectangular selection, take the tool Brush (Brush) and draw a spot outside the selected shape on top, so that only a small edge of the shape is visible.

Step 4

Add another layer and draw some smoke using a brush of smoke.

Now draw a white triangle using the tool. CustomShapeTool (Arbitrary shape) (U) and the shape of a triangle.

Duplicate the triangle twice and arrange the copies as follows.

(If you are superstitious, change the form or place the text).

Step 5

Select four triangles and place them in a group by going to the menu. Layer> New> Group from Layers (Layer> New> Group of layers), and then reduce Opacity (Opacity) groups up to 52%.

Duplicate the group (Ctrl + J) and move it slightly to the right.

Select four triangles, take the tool CustomShapeTool (Freeform) (U), change color to black.

Go to “Group 2” and apply the following blending options to the group.

Select both groups and convert them into a smart object, to do this, go to the menu Layer> SmartObject> ConverttoSmartObject (Layer> Smart Object> Convert to Smart Object).

Step 6

Then add a new layer and make it a clipping mask of the smart object by going to the menu Layer> Create Clipping Mask (Layer> Create Clipping Mask).

Take the tool Brush (Brush) (B) red and walk along the contours.

Add another layer, using the same brush, add circles.

Then reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 8%.

Create another layer, using the brush, draw abstract shapes (in the source materials).

Now take the tool Eraser (Eraser) (E) and erase the drawn figures so that they look twisted around the triangle.

Step 7

Then import the highlight image into your document and position it as follows.

Then change the blending mode to Screen (Screen).

Next, add an adjustment layer. Hue/Saturation (Hue / Saturation) by going to the menu Layer> NewAdjustmentLayer> Hue / Saturation (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Hue / Saturation). Then make it a clipping mask of the layer with the flare through the menu. Layer> CreateClippingMask (Layer> Create Clipping Mask).

Then add an adjustment layer. ColorLookup (Search color) by going to menu Layer> NewAdjustmentLayer> ColorLookup (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Color Search).

Finally, change the blending mode to Screen (Screen) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 41%.

And here is the final result.

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