Create a poster of a military theme

In this tutorial we will create these wallpapers.

What we need:

Step 1. Open a new document with the size of 600X700px and create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). Create a selection of the entire document using the buttons. Ctrl+A and fill your canvas with black.

Step 2. Now create a new layer and name it “Clouds”. Go to Filter> Rendering> Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds).

Reduce the opacity of the layer to 20%.

Step 3. Open the photo of the girl. Using tool Pen (Pen Tool), either using Quick Masks separate it from the background. Now you can move it to our document. Adjust the size if necessary.

Step 4. Now we are seeing how the “old” background is visible through the girl’s hair. It looks pretty awkward. You can, of course, try to erase these areas, but we will act differently. Using tool Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool) copy the hair to these gaps. It is advisable to use a soft stamp that our intervention was not noticeable. Here is what can happen:

Step 5. Now discolor our layer with the girl. To do this, go to Image> Correction> Discolor (Image> Adjustments> Desaturate). Now proceed to Image> Correction> Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels) and apply the settings as in the screenshot:

Step 6. In this step, we will conduct cosmetic surgery on the skin of the girl. Using the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) select the skin of the girl’s face (excluding hair). For me, it’s easier to use the pen, and then click To form a selected area. Anyway, highlighting the entire face correctly, press Ctrl+J, to copy the selection to a new layer. If you selected the entire face, then before continuing, use the tool Eraser wipe your mouth, eyes, and nostrils (dark parts don’t need anything now). We only have the skin of the face, and nothing, that some edges are very rough. In the Layers menu (F7), holding Ctrl, Click on the skin layer. You will see its selection. Now go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur). Set the Radius (Radius) to 2.4 and click OK. You can slightly reduce the Opacity of the layer. Now skin is like silk!

At this, the work of the author of the lesson with the skin ends, but I personally clearly see that the rest of the skin, as it was like a nozdachka, remained. I stopped and continued to smooth the skin on the whole girl, and I advise you. This can be done in the same way as a person.

Step 7. Now we will make the girl’s clothes a little lighter. Take a round brush Size 20px with Hardness (Hardness) at 0%, set her Mode (Mode) to Linear Dodge (Linear Dodge) and reduce the opacity (Opacity) to 5%. We pass through the darkest places of clothing. Here is what the author did:

Step 8. We take the image of the cap. Our task is to separate it from the background. I used the tool Pen (Pen Tool). You can use Quick Mask, or you can use Lasso . So, highlighting the cap, move it to our document with the girl.

Fit the cap in size using Free Transformation (Free Transform). Push Crtl+Shift+T and choose Transform, then – Rotate, well, if necessary, then – Deformation. Drove?

Step 9. Bleach cap layer (Ctrl + Shift + U), and open the window Levels (Image> Adjustment> Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels)). Move the center slider slightly to the right to make the cap darker. Here’s what the cap on the girl looks like at the author:

I almost forgot! Create a layer under the cap and a soft black brush to create a shadow from the visor on the girl’s forehead. If necessary, add more shadows, and then, if necessary, lower the Opacity of the layer.

Step 10. Go to the layer with the girl and using a large round Eraser (Eraser) with soft edges wash the bottom of the girl.

Step 11. Now zoom in and out using the tool Lasso highlight girl’s lips. Create a new layer (Crtl + Shift + N) and fill the selection with red color (the author used C10004). Set the Overlay Mode (Blend Mode) to Overlap (Overplay) and lower the Opacity to 70%. You can still work on the makeup of the girl.

Step 12. Open the image of the army badge and separate it from the background. Using the same functions as with the cap, put it in our document. The author for some reason did not add a shadow under the icon. Do not make this mistake!

Step 13. Open the image with barbed wire and place it in our document under the girl’s layer. Put the Overlay Mode (Blend Mode) on Multiplication (Multiply) – so get rid of the white background.

Step 14. Open the image with the book. Using tool Magic wand (Magic Wand Tool) select the white background and delete it. Turn the book 90 degrees clockwise and squeeze with Free Transformation (Free Transform). Let’s discolor the book, more precisely – already a board. Using soft eraser erase a little left and right. Finally, reduce the Opacity of the layer (Opacity) to 80% (although the author suggests 50% is too much).

Step 15. Add an inscription on the tablet. Use black text and then lower the Opacity to 75%.

Step 16. Open the image with the explosion, reduce the size and paste it into our document under the layer with the book-plate.

Now go to Image> Correction> Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels) and apply these settings:

Reduce the Opacity of the layer (Opacity) to 20%

Step 17. Finally, we will add color to our collage! We open once again the image with the explosion, we select only the explosion itself and insert it into our work. It is necessary that the explosion was on top, and completely fill the layer.

Reduce the Opacity to 5% and change the Overlay Mode to Lightening Basics (Color Dodge).

Copy this layer, increase the Opacity to 50%, and set the Overlay Mode to Overlap (Overplay).

Here is the final result:

Author: Tom
TRANSLATED: Smolin Sergey
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