Create a spooky Halloween poster in Photoshop

Final image:

Source materials:

Create a new document, specify the size and resolution, as in the screenshot below. You can choose any document size for yourself, but all the settings in the lesson are suitable for the proposed option.

Fill the first layer with a radial gradient. To unlock the first layer, click on the lock in front of the layer icon and hold it, drag to the basket icon at the bottom of the layers panel.

Use the following settings:

Download the elements for the lesson and place the silhouettes of the trees on the background layer.

Apply a layer style to this layer. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay)

Download the Skull brushes, select a 300px brush and draw skull silhouettes along the edges of the image.

Then take the tool Text tool (Text), Algeria, or other serif typefaces in upper case letters to get similar sharp torn effects. Make the first and last letters bigger than the rest.

Change the shape of the text layer. Right-click on the layer icon and select Convert to shape (Convert to curves). Modify the text by stretching it vertically, and then apply Warp (Deformation).

Select from the dropdown list. Arc upper (Arc Above) and move the upper center point down, as in the image below.

At this stage you should have something like this.

Rasterize the text layer. Go to menu Filter> Liquify (Filter -> Plastic). Use Forward warp tool (Warp) size 80-130px to change and stretch the corners of the letters.

Modify each letter and apply the following layer styles to the modified text.

Create a new empty layer and select another brush in the form of a skull smaller than 200px in size to create silhouettes around the text. Then apply the same effects to the skull layer as for the text layer.

Insert the image of the pumpkin and tail.

Duplicate the pumpkin layer, hide the original. Apply adjustment layer Levels (Levels) to make the image of the pumpkin darker.

Make the original pumpkin layer active, place it above the dark layer. Then place the texture of the brain above the pumpkin layer. We need to load a selection of this texture. Load a selection (Ctrl + click on the texture) of the layer thumbnail. Hold down the selection, go back to the pumpkin layer and add a mask to it.

You will get a shape with texture outlines and a darker pumpkin should be visible through them.

Apply the following layer style effects to the masked pumpkin layer.

Duplicate the pumpkin layer again. Install Fill (Fill) 0% and apply a layer style Inner Shadow (Inner shadow) to create a background reflection.

Paste on the canvas image “Skull”

Apply adjustment layer Levels (Levels). You can use correction levels for all skull adjustments. Convert the adjustment layer to a clipping mask. Right-click on the correction layer and select Create Clipping Mask (Create clipping mask).

Apply adjustment layer Selective color (Selective color correction)

Lower saturation in the menu Layer> NewAdjustmentsLayer> Hue / Saturation (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue / Saturation)

Duplicate the skull layer and apply similar background reflective effects like a pumpkin previously

Apply the settings as in the screenshot below.

Group all the skull layers. Place the texture of the skull above. Load a selection for this area, then add a mask to the Skull group to select the decorative texture from the correct shape of the skull.

Go back to the black texture of the skull, change Fill (Fill) 0% and apply the settings in the screenshots below

Combine the texture layer with a new blank layer and remove the bottom part of the texture under the pumpkin to keep the effect of embossing only in the pumpkin area.

Draw worms using a regular round brush.

Duplicate the worms layer and erase the small stripes / rings of the worms. I have shaded the duplicate in gray to make the deleted strips visible.

Apply the following layer styles to the bottom duplicate.

Apply the settings shown below for the second worm layer.

Group the worms layers and add a mask to the group. Erase the parts of the worms that intersect with the pumpkin in the mask layer, leaving the tails, using a black brush.

Create a new layer. Walk on the layer with a soft translucent brush at the point of contact between the worms and the skin of the pumpkin.

Create a new layer below the worms layer and create round holes with a round brush.

Apply the following layer styles to the holes.

And the last detail – create a new layer above the holes and add dark translucent shadow-spots. Use a semitransparent soft brush of a dark orange / brown color. Apply blend mode Multiply (Multiplication) to this layer.

And here is the result!

Author: Alexandra Fomicheva

Translator: Lebedeva Victoria

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