Create a stone background in Photoshop


This time we will create background on the basis of a stone wall.

Materials for the lesson:

Create a new document:

We place the image of a stone wall in the document and adjust its size. You can leave large stones, or you can make them small – try it!

Make a copy of the Main image and remove the visibility of the spare layer (then we will return to it).
Next, create a new adjustment layer – Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + u) – Hue / saturation and increase the Saturation value:

Merge two layers together (Ctrl +E). This layer is called Colorful.
And again we make a backup copy (then we will need it), make a copy invisible.
Now, to the layer Colorful apply Filter – Oil Painting (Filter-Artistic-Paint Daubs).
I want to soften the image a little. Change its name to Filter.

Then, on the New layer (we place it on top) we will create Rectangle selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool) without reaching the edges, with shading approximately 20pix.
Fill it with color # f0b09a.
Change the blending mode to Overlay Overlap.
So we lightened the central part of the wall. Let’s call this layer Shine.

Over all layers, create a new layer and fill it with color. # b65331. You can choose the color scheme on your own. This layer is called Scratches.
Add a mask to the layer (button at the bottom of the layers panel Add layer maskAdd layer mask).
And on this mask draw brushes various scratches.
I did as follows.

To begin with, I chose a brush with a common mask, then I removed the excess around the edges and applied strokes with another brush.
Copy the layer Scraped and play a bit with blending modes, for interesting effects.
Namely: for the top – we reduce Opacity (Opacity) before 50% and leave Normal (Normal) overlay mode, for the bottom set – Multiplication (Multiply) and 70%.
My goal was to leave the background stones slightly visible.
Experiment with the settings, maybe some of the layers can be removed or something added … …

Then on the New layer (place it below the layers Scratches and Scratches copy) I added more white scratches and lowered Opacity this layer (Opacity) before 85%.

Below we create another New layer and fill it with white.
Here we need the same mask (as we drew earlier). Transfer it from the brown layer Scraped on the newly created layer.
For this, being on a layer Scraped and selecting the mask, press the RMB, and click Add selection by mask (Add layer mask to selection).
There was a selection.

Now go to the white fill layer and add a mask (the button at the bottom of the layers panel Add layer maskAdd layer mask).
Remove the connection between the mask and the white layer (click on the chain icon between them) and use the arrows to shift mask a little to the side.

A white border appeared, but the layer blending effect disappeared … (one see screenshot) … again, someone like you. I wanted to return the effect, but leave the border in place.
Apply mask for the white layer (Apply layer mask), then go to layer Scraped with the mask and again, selecting the mask itself, press the RMB and select – Add selection by mask (Add layer mask to selection).

Go back to the white layer and clickDelete.
Uffff … .. so it seems …. )))))) and the effect was kept and the white border was left (2).
Reduce Opacity (Opacity) obtained layer to 85%.

Now back to the copy of the Main image.
Now we will draw inter-stone veins on a separate layer.
Pulls up a picture of the Main layer with Levels (Levels) (see screenshot).
Then choose Selection-Color Range (Select-Color Range).
Pipette click on the space between the stones and select the desired value of blur (Fuzziness).

Create a new layer – above the layer Scraped and fill the selection with color # 572615.
Reduce Opacity (Opacity) layer to 75% and create a mask, hiding part of the picture (the mask is created using the same brushes).

At this stage it would be possible to stop, but I continued to work)))
Go to layer Shine, click on the layer icon by pressing Ctrl. We get the selection layer. Invert it (Ctrl +Shift +I).
Then we get up on a layer Filter and push Ctrl +C.
Create a new layer, on top of all the others, and paste the copied part of the image.
I lowered Opacity (Opacity) of this layer to 70%.

But that’s not all …))))
Go to copy layer Colorful and create Rectangle selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool). Size and location – to your taste. I did the bottom side.
Copy part of the image and transfer it to the New layer, located again on top of the rest. Call it Detail of the wall. Layer does not move anywhere – leave it in place!

On the newly created layer, click on its icon, holding Ctrl.
Under the layer Detail of the wall again create a new layer.
And fill the selection on this layer with color # 622d1a.
Using the Free Transform Tool (Edit-Free Transform) rotate the rectangle.

Now, on the New layer we write any word or the phrase white color (choose a font with thicker letters).
Make a scratch on the text using a layer mask and all the same brushes.
The text is placed along the brown rectangle guide.

That’s it! )))))
It can be wallpapers and just a background.

You can stop at any stage or develop your own direction …
Try the main thing, fantasize and then Everything will work out!

Good luck in your work!

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