Create a typographic poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple typographic poster.

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Step 1. Create a new document.

Let’s start by creating a new document. (Ctrl + N) 800×1100 pixels and with a white background.

Note: If you plan to print a poster later, when creating a new document, you need to set a high resolution (300dpi) and select CMYK color mode.

Step 2. Create a blue gradient background.

Double-click on the background layer to unlock it. Now select the tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) (G) and in the gradient editor, create a gradient using the colors # 229EB7 and # 186978.

Now draw a gradient line from the upper left to the lower right.

Right-click on the layer and select the item from the context menu that appears. Overlay options (Blending options). In the window that opens, go to the tab Layer Styles (Layer Styles) and apply a layer style Inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

Create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N) and name it “Blue.” After that, select the tool again. Gradient (Gradient Tool) (G) and in the gradient editor, use the colors # 2F5E9E and # 5792D1.

Fill the “Blue” layer with the selected gradient by drawing a line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

Change the blending mode of this layer to Soft light (Soft light), to make it a little bit lighter.

Step 3. Add a texture to the blue background.

Open a paper texture image called Grungy Paper 01. With a tool Move (Move Tool) (V) drag it into the main document. Rename the paper texture layer to “Texture” and place it above the “Blue” layer.

Now adjust the size of the paper layer to the size of the document using the Free Transform command. (Ctrl + T).

Now download the 20 Repeatable Pixel Patterns pattern and install it in Photoshop. After the pattern is installed, select the tool Paint Bucket Tool (G), On the property bar at the top of the screen, select a Pattern from the drop-down list (Pattern).

Create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N), name it “Pattern” and use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the layer with the newly installed texture. Reduce the opacity of the “Pattern” layer to 10%.

In the Layers palette, hold down the Shift key and select all four layers and place them in Group (Layer – New – Group) (Layer> New> Group) (Ctrl + G). Name this group “Background”.

Step 4. Add guides

When developing design layouts, especially those that have text blocks, guides will help facilitate the alignment of design components. Let’s add 4 Guides (View – New Guide) (View> New Guide).

Add 2 vertical guides at 70px and 730px and 2 horizontal ones at 70px and 1030px.

Step 5. Add text to the poster

In order to have order in the Layers palette, I will create a new group (Layer – New – Group) (Layer> New> Group) and name it “Typography”.
Note: You can use any other font besides the lesson suggested by the author.

After the group is created, you can start adding text. To begin with, select white for the background color (#FFFFFF), set the fonts in Photoshop and select the tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T).

Choose a font Cicle (Fina) with a size of 160pt and write the word “DOING”. Open the palette Character (Window – Character) (Window> Character) and set the Tracking (distance between letters) to -25.

Now select the font Bebas neue (Regular) with a size of 160pt and write the word “SOME”. In the Character palette, set the Tracking (spacing between letters) to -25.

Tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) (U) Draw a 15px high rectangle under the text. Use vertical guides to fit the width of the rectangle to the width of the text. Move the rectangle down from the text by 30px.

Duplicate the rectangle layer (Ctrl + J) and place a duplicate 10px below the first rectangle.

Select tool again Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T), select font Franchise 142pt and write the word “DESIGN INSTRUCT” under two rectangular lines. Symbol palette set the distance between the letters is -10.

Place the text you just wrote 30px below from the second line:

Step 6. Create a design element

Add a few round elements to the poster. Change the background color to black (# 000000) and select the tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U). Hold down Shift (in order to get a proportional circle), draw a circle of 165x165px. Align the circle so that it is centered and 35px below the word “DESIGN INSTRUCT”.

Make 4 duplicate circle layers (Ctrl + J) and reduce these duplicates by 70% of the original size (Ctrl + T). Then, select two of the four duplicates and reduce them by another 70%. Align the layers with the circles as shown in the screenshot:

Now, reduce the opacity of the layers with circles to 30% so that the background is visible through them.

Change the foreground color to white (#FFFFFF) and select tool Freeform (Custom Shape Tool) (U). On the property bar at the top of the screen, select the shape layer (Shape), and from the list of shapes, select a shape 5 Point Star. Draw a star-sized figure 30x30px:

Now draw a big star on the next circle:

Duplicate both stars (Ctrl + J) and place them on the rightmost circles.

Step 7. Add more text.

Tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T) and font Aller (Bold Italic) with a size of 72pt and tracking 0 write “DI”. Place this text layer in the center of the largest circle.

Choose a font Aller (Display) with a size of 134pt with a tracking of -10 and write the word “TUTORIALS”. Place this text layer under the large circle.

Choose a font Cicle (Fina Italic) with a size of 134pt, write the word “ARE REALLY”, loan, set tracking -10 and place this text layer 30px below the word “TUTORIALS”.

Duplicate the rectangular stripe layer (Ctrl + J) and slide the duplicate 30px below the text. Duplicate the layer with the line again and place the duplicate so that it is just above the horizontal guide at the bottom of the document.

Choose a font Chunkfive size 160pt, write the word “FUN”, and then
set the tracking to 900. Place this text layer 12px above the bottom line.

Double duplicate the largest star shape from the circle layer. (Ctrl + J) and place these layers between the letters.

Step 8. Add Shadow

Now add a shadow effect. First, add a shadow to the stars, which are located between the letters of the word “Fun”. Shadow add through layer style Shadow (Drop Shadow):

Right-click on the star layer to which you added the layer style and select the item Copy layer style (Copy Layer Style). Select all layers from the group “Typography ”, except layers with circles, click on the selected layers with the right mouse button and select the item Paste the layer style (Paste Layer Style). Now the Shadow layer style with parameters, as on the first star, will be assigned to all layers on which you pasted it.

Final image:

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