Create an abstract illustration in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a beautiful colorful illustration using brushes.
Here is what we will strive for:

(click on image to enlarge)

And an alternative version:

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So, let’s begin. To get started, download the materials that we will need in the future:

Step 1. Create a new document (Ctrl+N) 1200 by 800 pixels, fill the background with a light gray color and add some light effects using grunge brushes as shown in the screenshot:

We load the girl into Photoshop, cut it out in any convenient way for you and place it at the bottom of our image:

In order to lighten the girl a little, we need to add a couple of adjustment layers (Make sure that when you add them you have a check mark on “Use the previous layer as clipping mask”).
Levels (Levels)

Curves (Curves)

This is what should happen.

Step 2. Create a new layer and draw brush around the girl:

Apply to this layer mask and draw as below:

Now add light bands. To do this, create a new layer, soft round brush large size click on the top of our document:

Using Free Transform (Ctrl+T) narrow this circle

Turn the resulting lane:

Duplicate this layer with the line and scatter randomly around the girl for more effect:

Here is what we have at the moment:

Step 3. I decided to make this illustration dark (this is my taste), so I created a couple of corrective layers.
Levels (Levels)

Next, add a layer mask to the adjustment layer and draw on it as shown below (where there should be a girl, draw with a black round hard brush):

Curves (Curves)

On this adjustment layer again create a layer mask:

Here is what we get:

Step 4.
Now we will put into practice what we know about PenTool (Pen)(R). Create a new layer and draw the outline.

After creation, click the right button and select StokePath (Stroke) with a round hard brush of size 9.

Make sure you check the box. Simulate pressure (Simulate pressure).

Now you have curves that you can transform, distort, rotate using Free Transform.

You can also soften soft round lines. brush and duplicate them to give a more interesting effect:

Step 5. Now create your brush in order to create a particle effect later. Create a new file named “Brush” (Size 200 by 200 pixels) and using PenTool (Pen)(R) draw a shape:

Click the right button on the figure, select FillPath (Run Fill)

Fill it with black

Now make this layer transparent (after filling)

Next go to Edit> Define Brush (Edit> Define Brush Preset)

Save the brush, then select it and press F5 to open the settings:
Form Dynamics (Shape Dynamics)

Scattering (Scattering)

Other dynamics (Other Dynamics)

Just put the airbrush, smoothing, texture protection (Airbrush, Smoothing, ProtectTexture). Create a new layer and brush it like this:

Now select Free Transform, right-click – distortion (Distort), also we use deformation (Warp)

We draw on our picture randomly, randomly, to your taste (if you wish, you can adjust the opacity and the size of the brush)

Step 6. Now we will slightly correct our image. We merge all layers into one and duplicate this layer. Apply to the duplicated layer: Smart sharpen (“Smart Sharpen”)

Color balance Color Balance (Cntr+B)

Add to the Color Balance layer mask

Also add adjustment layer Levels (Levels)

Here’s what happened:

We are done. You can continue to continue to play with adjustment layers, colors and filters. That’s what happened with me:

And an alternative version:

Have a good day!

Translator: Belkevich Alexander
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