Create beautiful geranium flowers in photoshop

I love nature! All kinds of flowers and plants amaze me. I decided to create a geranium flower using Photoshop. As you can see, the flowers are colorful and beautiful. We will learn to create them by following this lesson.

Final result:

Step 1. Start by opening a new document. 800×600px. Foreground color: Black.
Do not set a name for the layer. Leave it as “Background”.

Step 2. We will also work with this image of a hamburger provided by pxleyes for the competition. Image size is 800x600px. You can download it by right-clicking on the image. Save picture as … (Save image as …)
Save it and place where you want it.

Step 3.Creating branches.
Use the tool Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) (Polygonal lasso). Create a selection of meat pieces. Copy (C) (Copy) andPaste (V) (Insert). Name your new layer “Branch” (Vetka). Duplicate this layer to create a copy of the meat. Combine two pieces together. Drain in a new layer. Do not change the name. Use filter Liquify (Plastic) and Warp (Deformation) (W). Brush size 165. Brush pressure (pressing the brush) 50. Try to shape your branch.

Step 4. Copy (C) (Copy) andPaste (V) (Insert) a few pieces of the main branch. Five to six copies will be enough, it depends on how many branches you will use in your main branch.
Remember that every time you copy and paste an object, a new layer appears. Name the new layers “Branch1” (Branch 1), “Branch2” (Branch 2), “Branch3” (Branch 3), “Branch4” (Branch 4), etc.
Use the tool Liquify (Plastic) (Shift + Ctrl + X). This time use a smaller brush. Size 65 and pressure (by pressing) 50.

Step 5.Collecting branches together.
Add smaller branches to the main branch. If for some reason the places where the branches join do not look very good, use the Spatter 24 brush, make it less than 15px with opacity (transparency) 50%. Start smearing places a little until they look like part of the main branch.
After you are satisfied with the result, you can merge the layers together into one layer: “Branch 1,2,3,4” (Vetka 1,2,3,4), etc. Name this layer “Vetka”.

Step 6. How to create leaves.
You can use the hamburger image again to Copy (C) (copy) and Paste (Paste) (V) meat extraction area for leaf formation. Duplicate your selection three times. Merge these layers together. Name the new layer “Leaf”.
Use the tool Clone stamp (Stamp) (S). Clone all the lines in the middle of the meat.
Use the tool Eraser (Eraser) (E) to erase the edges. Form a rounded shape.

Leaf color:
Green (green)
Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Image – Correction – Color Balance).
Midtones: + 60
Highlights (Brightness): + 20
We will create more leaves from this transformed piece of meat.

Step 7. Use the tool Liquify (Plastic) (Shift + Ctrl + X).
Warp Tool (Warp) (W). Use brush size: 50; Brush pressure: 50
Start the deformation in a circle until you get the shape shown in detail in this step.

Step 8. Make about 8 copies of the main leaflet. Copy (C) (copy) and Paste (Paste) (V). Each copy must be opened on a new layer. Name the layers “Leaf1” (Sheet 1), “Leaf2” (Sheet 2), “Leaf3” (Sheet 3), etc.
Use the tool Transform (T).
Make a few small leaves. Do not worry that you have so many layers, you will merge them together when you place all the leaves on the main branch.
You can use the tool Liquify (Plastic) (Shift + Ctrl + X), Warp (Deformation) (W), to give some leaves a great shape, in which case they will not look the same.

Step 9. You should do something similar. Start placing leaves on top of the main branch.
You can add more branches to the main one if you want. This business is master. Use the tool Burn (Dimmer) (O), to darken a little around the areas where the leaves overlap.
Merge all layers named “Leaf1, 2, 3, 4” (Sheet 1,2,3,4) into one layer. Name the new layer “Leaves”.

Step 10. Formation of colors.
Flowers will be made from small pieces of onion. We need only a petal to form a flower. In this step, we will learn how to do this, for which we will again use the original image with the hamburger, presented in step 2.

Step 11. Follow the steps indicated in the image. We will form a petal.
From a piece of hamburger meat, create a serrated selection, Copy (C) (copy) and Paste (Paste) (V). Duplicate the layer again and color it.
Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Image – Correction – Color Balance)
Only Midtones (Mid Tones).
Color level: Magenta (Purple): -100
Place the colored meat in the center of the petal.
Merge the layers. Name the new layer “Petal” (Petal).
Erase a layer with an unpainted piece of meat. You no longer need it.

Step 12. For this step, read the following instructions and tips presented in the image. This is an important step. If necessary, read it twice.

Step 13. Collect the flowers together.
This is a very important and necessary step. Duplicate the flowers that we did in the previous step. Simply by copying and pasting the selected layers to form a group of colors. Place the flowers over the branches.

Step 14. This is our last step.
The flowers are placed on top of the branches, the leaves also look good, and our final image is complete! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you for your desire to learn something new. Successes to all of you!

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