Create glowing objects in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a flaming skull.
Below you can see the final result.

The author used the image from a paid resource, you can use images from here or choose your own.
So, let’s begin.

Step 1. Create a new document. (Ctrl+N) , Create a new layer and fill the background with black.

Step 2. Open the image with the skull and drag it to the main document.

Step 3. On a new layer using the tool Ellipse (Ellipse) in shape mode and color (# 4c0400), draw an oval that will surround the skull. Apply a filter to this layer. Gaussian blur with a radius of 250 pixels. Place this layer below the skull layer.

Step 4. Now let’s start preparing the skull itself. Go to the menu Allotment (Select) – Color range (Color Range). Choose white color, click “Yes” and on the layer with the skull fill the selection with color (# f9ae31), except the teeth. In this very way, paint your teeth in color (# e82b19).

Step 5. Go to the menu Allotment (Select) – Color range (Color Range), choose the red color on the teeth, click “Yes.” Then go to the menu Selection – Modification – Compress and set the radius to about 4 pixels, click Delete. On the teeth will only red outline.

Step 6. Via Color range (Color Range) select the yellow color on the skull. Take the tool Brush (Brush) size is 250-300 pixels. Hardness 0, Opacity 10-15% (Hardness of 0, Opacity at 10-15%). Set red d02207 and paint over as shown in the figure, without touching the edges and near the sockets. So we give the skull the effect of heat.

Step 7. Now try to add volume to the skull. Use Tool Eraser (Eraser) with a diameter of 200px, Rigidity (Hardness) 0 and Opacity (Opacity) 70%, and erase some of the red. This way we will show lighter and darker parts of the skull and will be able to add some volume.

Step 8. Duplicate the skull layer and place a copy below. Go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) and put a radius of 8-10 pix. This is to create a fever.
Select the area under the nose, including the teeth. Take soft Brush (Brush) size is approximately 80 pixels. Colour d02207, with low opacity and paint over the teeth and cheekbones. To understand this process, see the screenshot below. Get the effect of depth and volume in these places.

Step 9. Now that the skull has been prepared, let us make the flame. Open images with fire.

Go to the menu Selection – Color Range (Select> Color Range) and select a dark background on the image with the flame, click Yes. Invert selection Ctrl+Shift+I.

Now the menu Selection – Modification – Feather (Select> Modify> Feather) and in the settings we set a radius of about 20 pixels. Then drag the flame into the main document with the skull.

Set the blending mode for this layer. Lightening (Screen) or Light replacement (Lighten) Now you need a little touch up the color at the top of the flame. Use the color balance. To do this, go to the menu Image – Correction – Color Balance (Image> Adjustments> Color Balance). Use the settings as in the screenshot.

Do these steps with each image of the fire that you want to add.

Step 10. Using Free transformation (Ctrl + T), position the images with the flame on the skull as you like.

Step 11. Notice that in the area of ​​the teeth and lower jaw, the image looks darker. To fix this, take Brush (Brush Tool (B)), put color d02207 and lighten up some areas on the teeth, so that they are more suited to the fiery skull.

Step 12. Using the tool Finger (Smudge Tool (R)), achieve realistic fire on the eyeballs so that there is a smooth transition from fire to the skull.

Step 13. Using the tool Finger (Smudge Tool (R)), mix the yellow areas on the skull with fire.

Step 14. Use the tool again. Finger (Smudge Tool, R) and drag the tool from the red areas to the shadow. See the screenshot for you to understand this process.

Step 15. Use the tool ClarifierDodge tool (O) to increase the flaming effect on the edges of the skull.

Step 16. Using the tool Dimmer (Burn Tool), process the shaded areas along the contour of the skull, so you align the transitions from bright to dark areas.

Step 17. Now add smoke. To create smoke, use the same flame images that you used for the skull and apply the same methods to them that you did in Steps 10 and 11. The difference is that you will need to correct these images and make them smoke . To do this, go to the menu Image-Correction-Hue \ Saturation (Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation> Desaturate) and set the settings there as in the screenshot.

Step 18. Now let’s apply a slight blur to the smoke so that it blends better with the fire on the image. To do this, go to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and in the settings we set a radius of 2 pixels.

Step 19. Now add something like sparks. Take Brush (Brush) size 3 pixels. Rigidity (Hardness) 100 and Opacity (Opacity) 100% and draw the flying sparks from the skull. If desired, they can stretch the tool Finger (Smudge Tool R)

That’s it, the burning skull is ready.
Here is an option I have.

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