Create in Photoshop eco-poster “Green Life”

Hello friends! Today’s lesson is about ecology and wildlife, this is the only way to keep our world beautiful for the next generation. Yes, my friends, it’s time to turn to nature. Therefore, I created for you this lesson with an environmental theme. This lesson includes simple techniques and is slightly longer than our previous lessons. So in this lesson we use grass texture, sunflowers, climbing plant. And also we need a Photoshop program and a creative desire.

The final result:

Note: The source of the lesson is missing some images. In the archive you will find an alternative version of the materials for the lesson.

Step 1

First, create a new working document in Photoshop with the following dimensions: 900 × 600 px. Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient). Set the gradient colors (# 4ca858 on the left and # 9ee6a8 on the right), and also set Radial gradient (radial gradient). Now create a radial gradient from green to light green.

Step 2

Open the original grass texture in Photoshop. Using tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee Tool), create a square selection. Copy the selected area (Ctrl + C).

Step 3

Paste the copied fragment of the grass texture onto our working paper (Ctrl + V).

Step 4

Now select the tool Eraser (eraser tool), set a soft round brush. Hide separate areas of grass texture to get a picture of the house. Change the blending mode to Linear light (Linear Light) and save Opacity (Opacity) layer at 100%.

Step 5

Next, with the tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee Tool), cut the doors as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 6

Now to the house layer, add a layer style. Shadow (drop shadow), to do this, right-click on the layer with the house and in the window that appears, select the option Options overlay (Blending Options). Set the following settings for this layer style.

Step 7

Next, add a piece of texture to create a door. Blend mode Normal (normal) Opacity (Opacity) 100% Layer Style Shadow (drop shadow) do not apply.

Step 8

Now we will add a small pipe, for this, cut another fragment using the Grass texture. Add a piece of pipe to the roof, as shown in the screenshot below. Change the blending mode for the pipe layer to Linear light (Linear Light), the same mode as the house.

Step 9

Open the original image with a climbing plant. Using tool Fast selection (Quick Selection Tool), separate the plant from the background.

Step 10

Paste the climbing plant on our working paper (Ctrl + V). Apply scaling (Ctrl + t).

Step 11

For the climber layer, apply the same layer style Shadow (drop shadow), which we applied to the house.

Step 12

Add another climbing plant, repeating the whole process that we did with the first plant.

Step 13

It’s time to add beautiful sunflowers to our house. Open the original image with a sunflower. Separate the image of the sunflower from the background, and then copy / paste on our working paper. Repeat the whole process 4 or 5 times to add more sunflowers.

Step 14

Next, we add the text. Using tool Rectangular area ( Rectangular Marquee Tool), cut a piece of rectangular grass. Choose a tool Text (type tool), install the Franklin Gothic Demi Cond font, the font color is white, the font size is 72 pt. Write the Green Living text on the grass fragment, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 15

Now, go to the layer with a rectangular piece of grass, and then select the tool Eraser (eraser). Hold down (Ctrl), click on the thumbnail of the text layer to load the active selection, and then use the eraser to hide the texture inside the selected text area.

Step 16

Add a climbing plant, as well as sunflowers on our inscription.

Step 17

Next, we will add multi-colored balls that will rise from the pipe instead of smoke. Choose a tool Oval area (Elliptical marquee tool). Draw a circle. Fill the circle with a multi-colored gradient, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 18

Right-click on the layer with the colored ball and in the appeared window select the option Options overlay (Blending Options). Apply layer styles Shadow (drop shadow), External glow (outer glow), Internal glow (inner glow) and Stamping (Bevel and Emboss).

Step 19

Decrease Opacity (Opacity) layer with colored balls up to 10% and using a white brush, draw dots on colored balls to create a reflection of glare. Add two more colored balls using the same technique, change their sizes (Ctrl + t).

Hope you enjoyed it!

The final result:

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