Create shapes

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create shapes for Photoshop from ordinary photos.

First you need to turn the object in the photo into a black and white drawing. How to do this, see the lesson “Photoshop graphics”

Further, we will work only with this black and white pattern.

Create a new document and transfer your drawing there.
Select the patterned layer.

Turn off the eye near the bottom background layer.

Right click, select ‘Blending Options’ as shown in the picture.

On the main ‘Blending Options’ panel in the ‘Blend If’ section, move the white slider so that all the white color disappears from the picture. After click OK.

Next, create a new layer on top of all.

With the new layer active, click Ctrl + E to merge the top layer from the bottom. This action will allow transparent pixels to finally push out the white ones.

Then, press Ctrl + click on the ‘Layer1 copy’ window (circled in red) to activate the selection around the shape.

While the selection is still active, take the rectangular selection tool, then right-click on the document – a window will appear where you will need to select ‘Make work path‘(Convert to contour)

Leave the settings as shown.

Switch to the ‘tab’Paths‘(Contour)
Probably you have already noticed that the outline of your figure appeared there.

Finally, let’s save the resulting outline as a shape.
Go to the ‘menuEdit – Define Custom Shape‘(Editing – Define a shape)

Give the name of your figure.

Now the figure is ready for use.

Take the tool and go to the shape selection window. Find there your work (it will be at the bottom) and click on it.

To try out a new figure in the work, let’s create a new document. Set any color, select this mode. and draw some shapes.

So easily and quickly you created a shape for Photoshop yourself.

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