Creating a pattern

In this lesson you will learn how to create your own unique pattern or texture, which can then be applied to any image.

1. First of all, I would like to note the fact that in Photoshop there are a huge number of standard forms, for example, such as are presented below.

All these shapes can be found through the tool.

2. Create your own shape from the available variety, it may differ significantly from this one, so let yourself be a little fantasy.

Useful advice: place each part of the pattern on a new layer!

3. After your image is ready, merge all the layers with patterns (Ctrl + E) except for the white background and reduce it using the shortcut key Ctrl + T.

4. It’s time to turn on the grid (Ctrl + ‘). Move the image of your form to the center of the screen.

5. You may need to edit the grid size so that the document is divided into 4 parts: Edit> Preferences> Guides, grid slices (Edit> Settings> Guides, Mesh and Plates)

6. Choose a tool “Rectangular selection”, draw them with the Shift key pressed (to make a square), a square in the lower right corner of our pattern (when drawing the selection is attached to the grid).

Click the right mouse button, select Layer via Copy (layer through copying) and move the resulting layer to the upper left corner.

7. Do the same with the other corners, transferring copies of the layers in the opposite direction.

8. Now merge all the layers with the corners, reduce the resulting layer and place the finished image around the original shape.

9. Merge all layers (except for the white background), select the resulting layer (Ctrl + click with the mouse on the layer icon). Then Image> Crop (Image> cropping).

10. In order to save this image as a model for further work, Edit> Define pattern (Edit> define pattern).

11. Now you can use this image to create different backgrounds, such as:

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