D.I.S.C.O !!!

Who has the nostalgia for the 70th, then this Photoshop lesson is for you!

Create a new document size 640×480 and resolution 72.
Find a photo of a man or woman at the moment of a spectacular 70s-style dance movement.

Remove the background from the dancer’s photo with a magic wand. , if the background is solid. If not, cut the person out of the background.

Once you have mastered the background, drag the person onto the created document.

Let’s start creating a silhouette from the figure of this person. This can be done using the Layer Style window, which you can find by double-clicking on the shape layer window.

Here it is! Choose a style there Color overlay (overlay color)

In the settings, we select black, click OK and as a result we see the following:

Now we will deal with the background.

Take tool – gradient

Set the end colors of the gradient to pink (ec03dc) until dark purple (3b0621).
Draw a gradient from top to bottom holding the key “Shift

Next we will build a dance floor.

Take the tool – oval shape. Set the color of the oval (e9f5c0), draw a large oval as shown.

Then, using the same tool, draw multicolored circles that will play the role of scenery.

So, the final moment – draw the shadow of a dancing person.

Copy the layer with the black silhouette, then using the free transform function (Ctrl + T) we flip this copy (it turns out a reflection of the figure)

While the frame is active, flatten a little person’s shadow – just pull the middle knot towards the center. Click Enter.

Now you need to change the color of the shape from black to gray. You can do this using the blend color style or simply reducing the opacity of the layer.

The layer with the shadow in order should go after the layer with the black silhouette.

That’s it :)

D.I.S.C.O !!! We dance everything!

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