In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw a fluffy dandelion.

Step 1:
Draw a black circle with the tool – ellipse shape (clamp SHIFT, so that the circle is even).

Once you have drawn a circle, right-click on the layer and select the command in the layers panel Rasterize Layer(rasterize the layer).

Step 2:
CTRL-click on the layer with the circle – a selection will appear, then refer to the menu SELECT> MODIFY> EXPAND (Highlight – Modify – Expand), and make the selection wider on 20 px. It should look like this:

Step 3: Go to menu FILTER> NOISE> ADD NOISE (Filter – Noise – Add Noise) and add maximum noise.

Step 4:
Now (the selection is still active) go to FILTER> BLUR> RADIAL BLUR (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur).
Select blur method – Zoom ,
quality (quality) – best, and amount 60.
Click Ok, then CTRL-F if you want dandelion to be even more magnificent.

Step 5:

To give this gun some color, then click first. CTRL + SHIFT + U to discolor the ball, and then double-click on the layer with the image.

In the window Layer style select style Color overlay (fill color).

Install there blend mode on Overlay (Overlap) and select any color!

Here is a fluff with added color:

And here is the nail of the program – DANDOOL!

This is one example of such a fluffy bun.

Here, the white color for the fill is selected, the level of radial blur is higher, and a texture is added.

Thus it turned out a light and airy flower.

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