Dark Knight: Resurrection of the Legend

Today we will create a movie poster, the idea of ​​creation is inspired by the new movie about Batman. With the help of several stock images, brushes and adjustment layers, we can get an excellent result. So let’s get started.

Final result

Source materials:

STEP one

In the first step, we will slightly blur the image of the Night City to create the Bokeh effect. First, open the Night City image, crop the image, then go Image – Rotate canvas – Flip canvas horizontally (Image> Image Rotation> Flip Canvas Horizontal). Next, apply a blur, go Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gausian Blur) and set Blur radius (Radius) 5 pixels.


Now, let’s add an image of a Police car. Next, experiment with the Fog brushes, paint the fog around the car. Then, use brush fragments to create an explosion effect.


Let’s place the main character in our image. This will be the image of Batman. Stock image of Batman in PNG format, so it will not take you so much time to allocate. Next, let’s create a rain effect using Rain brushes.
(Translator’s Note: Do not forget to create a new layer when creating the rain effect)


It’s time to change the color shades. For our composition, I chose blue shades, apply the values ​​that are shown in the screenshot below. You can also use Broken Glass brushes for a police car.
(Translator’s Note: add adjustment layer Color Balance (Color Balance).


In this step, we will create a vignette effect using a filter. Correction of Distortion (Lens Correction filter). Apply the values ​​that are shown in the screenshot below.
(Translator’s Note: to create a vignette effect, let’s go Filter – Distortion – Distortion Correction (Filer> Distort> lens correction. When the window opens Correction of Distortion (Lens Correction), apply the following values: Vignette (Vignette) – Effect (amount): -86 Mid point (Midpoint): +23)


In this step, we will add the name of the movie poster and the Batman logo. The font I used is Franklin Gothic Medium. I also added a highlight between the title and the logo.


In the final step, we will apply the Dimming / Lightening technique, which can be found in the Secrets of Manipulations section, and we will add some sharpness to our work. Have a nice time.
(Translator’s Note: 1. Detailed description of technology Lightening and Dimming (Dodge Burn) is given in previous lessons of the author. See the translation of lessons on photo manipulation on the site http://www.https://photobecket.com/ 2. To add some sharpness, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to create a merged layer, then go Filter – Sharpness – Contour Sharpness (Filter> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask). Unfortunately, the author did not specify the settings for the Sharpness filter, therefore, experiment with the settings. Take as a basis the settings that I used: Effect (Amount) 65%, Radius (Radius) 3 Threshold (Threshold) 2).

Final result

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