Desktop Background – Vista Style

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create the background for the desktop style “Vista”.

Pictures for this tutorial can be downloaded here.

Step 1. Open the picture with the background.

Step 2. Duplicate the layer ( Ctrl + J ). In the upper layer, change the blending mode to “Screen” (Brightening).

Step 3. Open a photo with a girl or select your photo. Cut only the face and place it as shown below.

Step 4. Click Ctrl + M, To open the Curves window, add the same kind of curve.

Step 5. Now you need to make her face smooth matte. To do this, duplicate the face layer. To the top layer, add a Gaussian Blur filter; set the Radius parameter as desired. Wipe the layer on the eyes, eyebrows, around the mouth and nose with a soft eraser to restore clarity.
Tool lighten the skin.

Step 6. Duplicate the background layer. Click Ctrl + T , to reduce it.

Continue to duplicate, transform, and apply until you get something like this.

Step 7. Go back to the face layer, click on the button. at the bottom of the layers palette to add a layer mask. Next, take a black soft brush and walk around the edges of the face to blur them.

Step 8. Merge all layers that relate to the background, except the very first. Then add a mask to this layer.

Duplicate the layer, expand. Use the black brush to correct the result.

Step 9. Go back to the model layer. Select her lips and copy them to a new layer (Ctrl + J).

Click Ctrl + B To adjust the color of the lips and set the same settings.

Step 10. Now apply the same setting, but on the whole image.
At the bottom of the Layers palette, click on and select there Color balance (Color balance)

Set the same settings:

Step 11. Next, create a new layer at the top. Go to Image – External Channel – OK (Image >> Apply Image)

Then Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects ( Filter >> Render >> Lighting Effect )

Step 12. Write your favorite text, add effects.


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