Digital city

In this lesson we will create such a city from a barcode.

The first action that needs to be done is to find a sample. Using Rectangle marquee(Rectangular selection) select a bar code area. Thereafter Edit /Define pattern (Edit> define sample). This can later be used for various purposes.

(Translator’s note – here you can download the archive of brushes of barcodes that I once downloaded on the barcode bar.abr network)

Give a sample name and click OK.

Create a new layer. Execute File> Edit> Fill (File> Edit> Fill)

Select a new sample and click Ok.

Here is the result of the new layer.

Save this layer, we will need it later when we use it to fill buildings

Now go back to the stroke bar code fill. We execute the command Ctrl + T (Free Transform) and reduce the sample size to approximately 25% of the original size.

Now copy this sample. Tool MoveTool(Moving), place the samples as in the example:

Holding Ctrl, click on the layers you want to merge, then Ctrl + E, to drain them.

Layers merged.

Now we trim the image to change the outer edges. Select the entire image Select> All, or execute the command (Cntr + A).
Then in Image> Crop (Image> Crop).

Next step Edit > Transform> Perspective (Edit> Transform> Perspective)

Pull on the leftmost point to change perspective.

Copy this layer and flip it vertically.

Go back to the previous layer, copy it Ctrl + J, To make the layer light – change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening)

The same for the bottom layer. We copy it Ctrl + J, to make the layer light –

Now we will create a gradient mask to allow the darker lower layer to express itself.

And once again we create a gradient mask, but only through the layer below. To erase, use black, white to “show” or return.

Start building buildings with a barcode section. First select the part you want with Rectangle marquee(Rectangular selection).

Making a copy of the section Ctrl + J, then Ctrl + T and pull down as shown in the picture.

I use various layer blending methods and a gradient mask to get a shadow effect here. On one layer he Normal (Normal) on the other Multiply (Multiplication)

Create a new layer and tool Elliptical marquee(Oval selection)
Draw the roof of the building. Fill with white and black gradient.

We load the selection oval, go to the layer below, the one on which the building and invert the selection. Take hard eraser and erase the extra bumps of the projections.

Create a sphere tool Oval selection, then simultaneously press Shift + Ctrl + C, to get a merged copy. Then Ctrl + V, to glue a new merged layer.

Load the selection circle, go to Filter> Distort> Spherize (Filter> Distortion> Spherization), apply until we achieve the desired effect.

Add a highlight to the sphere. Filter > Render > LensesFlare (Filter> Rendering> Blick)

Using Filter > Distort> Polar Coordinates (Filter> Distortion> Polar coordinates) we will create interlaced ovals.

Make a copy of the barcode section, flip horizontally and make a square selection around the section, leaving the edges outside as shown.
Filter > Distort >PolarCoordinates (Filter> Distortion> Polar coordinates) – we get a circle.

Ctrl + T compress the circle and reduce the size of the oval.

Copy the oval, mirror it vertically and erase the parts that intersect, so we get the interlacing of ovals.

To make pipes, we will create m gradient. Click to change color and position of colors.

Choose a color for the gradient.

Create a rectangular selection and drag the created gradient through the selection. This will be the pipe.

To distort the pipe – Ctrl + T

Create a new layer. On it we will do the sun’s rays. Using the tool Polygonal lasso (Polygonal lasso) draw the form, press at the same time Ctrl + Alt + D to create a feather. We set the value to 20, fill the selection with white.

Copy the layer with the rays Ctrl + J, transform it Ctrl + T. Place it to the upper left corner, now you can change the angle of the beam.

Change Opacity (Opacity) and add some highlights and spots wherever you would like. Dream and enjoy the result!

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