Draw a 3D logo

Let’s start with the new document:
The size should be 400 x 400 pixels. We will use a green background.
I chose green because you can better see what I do,
Now please download the following image for yourself:

This image will help you make a good perspective for your logo.

When you open this image in Photoshop, use the drag tool to drag the image into your document.

Then select Rectangle tool (Rectangle) and draw a rectangle. I will use different colors. You can use the colors you want.

You may notice that my opacity of this rectangle has changed. It is very important.
Now with the same tool, create 4 more small rectangles and one circle:

Now you need to select all layers except the background and the black rectangle:

Once you have selected the rectangles go to the menu Edit> Transform> Distort (Edit – Contour Transform – Distortion) and connect the corners of the layer with the corners of the black rectangle:

As you can see, the logo looks good. This is his 3D view.
Let’s add a layer style for the selected white rectangles:


Inner shadow:

Stamping / bevel:

Color overlay:


Now remove the black and blue rectangles.

Now add a layer style to the white circle:


Inner shadow:

Stamping / bevel:

Color overlay:


After you have applied the circle style, please change the background color to white:

Beautiful, isn’t it?
Select all layers and resize the logo:

Now select all the layers and go to the menu Layer> Duplicate layers (Layer – Create a duplicate layer). Now select the first layers (do not select the background layer)

Lower the selected layers using the down arrow key by pressing several times. You will give 3D volume to this logo.

You can repeat the steps that are listed above, and another time duplicate the layers and use the keys to place them again. After I duplicated a layer several times and changed the layer style for duplicated layers, I got the following result:

Do you already think that everything is ready? Um not yet. We will add simple shadows and everything will be ready. Choose a tool rectangleand draw a small rectangle like mine.

Now go to Edit> Transform> Distort (Editing – Transform contour – distortion) and move the corners of the gray rectangle, as shown.

Now go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur). You will be prompted to rasterize the form. Click OK
Then set a radius of 7 pixels. Click OK
Make sure you drag this layer over the background layer.

This is my result:

With the help of this technique you can create more than one beautiful logo.
Here are some examples:

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