Draw a CD cover

From this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make a cover for a music CD.

Look here – this is the cover of Linkin Park’s “Meteora” album.

But what you get at the end of the lesson:

In the main, we rely on the Linkin Park disc example, but we chose this image of the city in the lights as the main background.

In itself, this image looks great. Now we have to apply several effects to it.

So, you have already found the picture for the background of the disk and opened it in Photoshop.

To get started, click CTRL + SHIFT + L to automatically balance the hue levels of the image.

Then duplicate the layer (CTRL + J), set the blending mode to overlay (overlay) and refer to the menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur There, set the radius = 4.0 px.

Next, create a new adjustment layer.
(Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels).
Play around with the settings until the image gets a little brighter.

These settings are set in our example:

Now make sure that this adjustment layer is between the present and the duplicated (with overlay)

Create another adjustment layer, but this time the Photo Filter. (Layer> Adjustment Layer> Photo Filter).

The final result of this lesson is monochrome, i.e. monochrome image. Therefore, in this step, select the shade in which you want to see your final image.

Now select all (CTRL + A), please contact Edit> Copy Merged (CTRL + SHIFT + C).

Create a new document. 405 x 360 and move the image of the city there. Customize dimensions.
Take a rectangular selection , set the fixed size of the selection width: 405, height: 57.

Place the selection at the top of the image. Fill up its black color.

* In the screenshot, the image of the city is hidden.

Next, create a new layer and fill it with black.
Press key Q to go into quick mask mode.

Set the gradient with these settings:

Start drawing a gradient from bottom to top:

Then return to normal mode. and click “delete” one or 2 times so you have a smooth transition.

In the next step we will check if all the layers are in the correct order. Two layers with black curtains should be on top of all!

Now we will translate a color photo into monochrome.
To do this, create a new layer (on top of all) and fill it with the color you want to use and change the layer blending mode to Color (Colour).

In this example, they took a brown color (#A4957B).

Next we write the text.
Try to keep all the words on the same level.

Black curtains can be changed to the darkest shade of your monochrome color so that they do not stand out sharply.

That’s it!
We made a disk – now you can organize a group and sing a little.

* If you want to find the font Linkin park, then follow this link
Button “Download“(download) is on the right.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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