Draw a denim pocket in Photoshop

Today we will draw a denim pocket, here is the final result of the lesson

Step 1. Create a new file with a size of 1280×1024 pixels, with a resolution of 72, the RGB model and with
white background.

Step 2. Create a new layer and fill it with # 1e497e

Step 3. Now create another layer, click Shift +Backspace and set the following settings.

Step 4. Set the foreground and foreground colors to black and white by pressing the D key. Now go to Filter> Sketch> Halftone raster (Filter> Sketch> Halftone Pattern) and apply these settings.

Step 5. We got straight lines on our canvas. To give them a real denim texture, go to Filter> Design> Mezzotint (Filter> Pixelate> Mezzotint) and choose the type (type) Small dots (Fine Dots), click OK.

Your image should now be like this:

Step 6. Now duplicate the texture layer (Ctrl + J) and call Free transformation (Ctrl + T) and transform the image as shown below.

Step 7. To make the texture of jeans more realistic go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and set the blur radius 1 pixel.

Step 8. Now change the blending mode of this layer to Multiplication (Multiply).

Step 9. And set the blending mode to the underlying layer. Soft light (Soft Light).

Step 10. Denim texture is ready, let’s draw a pocket with a tool Pen (Pen tool).

Step 11. Again, press Shift + Backspace and select 50% Gray (50% Gray) in the fill dialog box.

Note translator: Fill with gray on a new layer, first converting the contour drawn with a pen into a selection.

Step 12. Set this layer overlay mode. Hard light (Hard Light).

Step 13. Add a layer style Shadow (Drop Shadow) with these settings.

Step 14. Take the tool Lightening (Dodge tool) and add small strokes of light areas along the edges of the pocket.

Step 15. Now with the tool Blackout (Burn Tool) add dark areas on your pocket as shown below.

Step 16. Tool Pen (Pen tool) create an outline for stitching.

Step 17. Let’s now make stitches, select the tool. Brush (Brush tool) (B) and hit F5.

Step 18. Set these brush settings.

Step 19. Create a new layer, make sure the tool is selected. Pen (Pen tool), right-click on the working document and select from the pop-up menu Outline the contour (Stroke path).

Step 20. In the opened window, select a brush and click OK. Now our pocket is stitched.

Step 21 Duplicate the stitch layer (Ctrl + J) and call free transformation (Ctrl + T), reduce the size.

Step 22 Add layer styles Volume (Bevel and Emboss) and Color overlay.

Step 23 Our pocket is almost ready, it remains to find a label with any denim brand, or you can take mine and put it on your pocket.

Pocket ready! Thanks for attention.

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