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An integral part of creativity is finding new forms and shapes, fonts and textures, as well as their combination with each other. In this lesson we will learn to combine different elements.

Create a new document, any size, as you wish.

Choose a shape from standard forms.

Select the brush tool and make the following settings. At first – The dynamics of the form.

Following the settings for – Double brush.

Other dynamics:


Then choose the tool Pen (Pen Tool) and right-click select Add anchor point, click the right mouse button again and select – Outline the contour.

Create a new layer.

On it we perform the outline of the contour with another color, slightly change the shape, in general, we experiment.

You can add several such layers. That is what can happen.

Now let’s start decorating our figure. Choosing a tool Quick mask , then tool Gradien t, and in the fast mask mode we draw a gradient from bottom to top.

Exit the quick mask mode.

Apply Filter – Distortion – Ripples (Filter – Distort – Ripple).

Let’s go Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + U).

Transform our shape with a tool Transform (Ctrl + T).

Now apply the filter. Let’s go Filters – Distortion – Twisting (Filter – Distort – Twirl).

We transform our figure a little. Paste the text.

And that’s what happens at the end. We learned how to use shapes, different brush settings and some filters.

Transfer: Olga Kasatkina

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