Draw a vintage logo in Photoshop

Hello. You are deeply mistaken if you think that creating a logo is a very simple job. The design of the logo, in the complex, should contain several things about which the designer should not forget throughout the work on creating the logo: information component, ease of creation, brand awareness. If you combine all the elements in one logo, the logo will work for you.

In this lesson, on the basis of this material, we will create a vintage style car service logo in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using Pen and curves.

Step 1

For a start, we analyze the information component of the future logo. Considering that we make a logo for a car service center, the first thing that comes to mind is a car. In order not to load the logo with extraneous details, we take the image of the same car as a basis. For me, so the consumer will immediately pay attention to such a sign, than he will have time to read the inscription on the nearby, competing, service station, without a logo. To make the image more dynamic, use broken lines on both sides.

Step 2

In creating the logo an important role can be played by such a simple figure, like a circle, or in our case an oval. With that, he is well suited to the retro style, he will also separate the logo from the text. And beautiful and practical.

Step 3

We turn to the very essence of creation, select the text and draw a car. In our work, properly chosen words, such as “Premium Quality” (High Quality) and “Car Service” (Car Service), can greatly facilitate the understanding of the logo, give a sense of professionalism. Below are two sketches. Choose the second option, as it looks simpler, and simplicity is at hand.

Step 4

In this step we will pay attention to the central composition and the main component of the logo – the car. Once again remind yourself when drawing a sketch that you shouldn’t complicate the model with small details. Look on the Internet for images of cars, copy, combine options. To give a feeling of speed, increase the hood of the model. And finally, when the logo is ready for digitization, we move on to the next chain of lesson steps.

Step 5

Launch Adobe Photoshop CS6, create a new document. File – New (File – New), Ctrl + N.

New Document Settings: Width 800 pt (points) height 800 pt (points) resolution 300 pixels per inch color mode CMYK.

Step 6

Having scanned your sketch of a logo drawn on a paper with a pencil, insert it into a new document, using it as a substrate. Opacity of the layer reduce to 70%. under the sketch layer create a new layer, fill it with white color. In the Layers Palette, for convenience, block the pattern layer. For other actions, always create a New layer so that you don’t get confused in Figures and Contours.

Step 7

Choose a tool Pen tool (P) (Pen tool), adjust the tool as in the image below. Circle the main contours of the car. Further, some figures can be filled with color with one click, the benefit of Adobe Photoshop, starting from the CS6 version has become closer to Contours, catching up with Adobe Illustrator.

Step 8

Setting up a different tool Pen tool (P) (Pen tool), start drawing shapes.

Step 9

Add a little black body shapes and white ovals of car wheels and headlights. And when the model is ready, you need to connect all the figures together. First of all, you should make sure that all layers are in place. For example, the white headlamp layer should be above the black bumper layer. Thus, we cut a hole in the shape. Combine the necessary layers, bumper and headlamp, Ctrl + E. One layer is formed, but with two mobile shapes. Select contours tool Path Selection Tool (A) (“Contour selection” tool), and in the tool settings, click on Subtract from Shape Area (Subtract front figure), then Merge shape components (Combine the components of the figure).

Adding shapes, editing contours and combining everything together, we achieve the following result. Of course, you will have to sweat, depending on how tight your hand is, when working with tools with regards to the contours.

Step 10

Create an oval shape around the car, fill it with black color, without contour. Duplicate the layer and using Free Transform Ctrl + T, reduce slightly the second oval. Thus, in the Layers Palette, you will have one big oval, and the higher oval is smaller. Merge these layers into one. Using tool Path Selection Tool (A) (Outline selection tool) select both ovals and select in the tool settings Exclude Overlapping Shapes (Exclude overlapping shapes).

Step 11

Using tool Rectangle tool (U) (Rectangle tool) create a rectangle, tilt using Free Transform, apex to the left to create a parallelogram. Create two duplicates, increase the width of the first one. Edit the second one differently. Tool Direct Selection Tool (A) (Arrow tool) select the top right point of the parallelogram and drag it to the right until this angle is 90 degrees perpendicular to the bottom right contour point, as shown in the image below.

Step 12

Duplicating, changing the size and position of these lines, we will achieve the following result. At will, lines and an oval around the car, it is possible to unite in one figure (in one layer).

Step 13

Add more information to our logo – create a text! For the upper part is more suitable bold, attracting attention. Font the bottom of the pick up thinner. For the “Premium Quality” label, choose from Elephant, Anchor Jack, Chunk Five and Louisianne Black.

But Louisianne Black is better suited.

For “Car Service,” choose from RiotSquad, Lobster Two and Mabella. But most likely it will look good Lobster Two.

Step 14

To make the lower inscription harmoniously fit into our logo, it needs to be edited. In the tool menu, select Create Warped Text (Creates warped text). In the settings window, select the “Arc” style, change the “Bend” parameter so that the text goes around the oval of the logo.

Step 15

Everything you need is done, but it remains to add color. One of the big advantages of the Shape is that the fill color can be easily changed!

Author: Tatiana cociorva

Transfer: John jackson

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