Draw diamond wallpaper in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create stylish amazingly beautiful diamonds and learn how to create wallpaper of them.

Step 1.Before we start making wallpaper, we must first create our diamond. Open up New Document (Cntr + N) 350? 350 pixels with a white background.

Create New layer (Shift + Ctrl+N) and set the foreground color to # d8e4ef.

Step 2.Take up Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and draw the shape as below.

Right-click inside the resulting shape, and select “To form the selected area” .Make a feathering radius 0 pxl and press Ok.

Take the tool Fill (Paint Bucket) (D) and fill the selection with the blue color you set in the foreground.

Ok now we will use Rectangular area (M) to trim the form. Make as shown in the picture below.

Press the DELETE key to trim the overhang or fill the selected area with white. Now duplicate the layer. To do this, simply click Ctrl + J, or just go to Layers> Duplicate Layer … Then rotate this layer horizontally. Editing> Transform> Flip Horizontal (Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontally).. And do as shown below.

Connect 2 layers to form a diamond, to combine 2 layers click Ctrl + E. This is what we should have received.

Step 3.Now that we have our diamond, we’ll make borders on it. Create New layer (Shift + Ctrl+N) and set the foreground color to black. Select our diamond (Ctrl + click on the diamond layer)

Go to Editing> Stroke … and use the options below.

Now is the time to add some inner boundaries. Create New layer (Shift + Ctrl+N) and make with the tool Pen (P) as shown below.

Right-click and select “To form a selected area.” Then fill the selection with black.

Create New layer (Shift + Ctrl+N) and now draw a vertical border, as shown in the image below.

Right-click and select “To form a selected area.” Then fill the selection with black. After making a duplicate of this layer and display it horizontally, we place it in the right place. Here is how our diamond should look like after:

Step 4. Create New layer (Shift + Ctrl+N) and set the foreground color to white. Take brush with the parameters listed below. It will make us a nice gloss effect.

Step 5.Remove the white background layer and remove the visibility icon from the layer with our glitter. Merge all other layers together. (Ctrl + Shift + E).That’s what you get

Make a selection of our diamond. To do this, press Ctrl + Click on the layer with our diamond. And make the selection reverse. To do this, simply go to Selection> Invert or click Shift + Ctrl + I. Now make the layer with shine visible and remove the shine that remains behind the selection, it will not be useful to us. After that, merge all the layers together. (Ctrl + Shift + E).

Step 6. XWell, now it’s time to start making wallpapers. Open up New Document (Ctrl + N) 1280? 1024 pixels.

Copy a diamond to a new document and duplicate the layer 3 times (Ctrl + J, 3 times). Change the size of each of them (from larger to smaller) by pressing (Ctrl + T).And choose your own arbitrary change.

Keep making duplicates. Each diamond in a different place, with a random angle. Do this until about a quarter of the document has been filled out:

Well, now can speed up this process. Merge all the diamonds into one layer (do not forget to merge without a background) and make duplicates again. Rotate, move to look different.

Continue until you fill out almost the entire document.

Now make the background layer visible. It should be white. Duplicate the diamond layer and apply (on the original diamond) Blur according to Gauss 80 (Filter> Blur> Blur according to Gauss)

Take the tool Gradient and choose a gradient with a bunch of bright colors. Apply a gradient on the new layer diagonally.

Change the blending mode to color. Take a soft brush size of 800 pixels., Set the color – white, walk around the perimeter of the wallpaper, paying attention to the corners. Add some text.

So we did you wallpaper with diamonds. You can also add some kind of gradient diagonally and experiment with layer styles.
Here is the result after experimenting.

Translator: Ruzavin Vasily
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