Draw icons

This simple Photoshop tutorial is about creating icons!

Open a new document. Fill the background with a dark color.

On the new layer, draw a round selection and fill it with any color.

Ctrl + D (deselect)

Now we need to apply several styles to this circle.
All styles are listed below.

To add styles, you need to click on the button. at the bottom of the layers palette.


Inner shadow:

Internal luminescence:


Gradient overlay:

As a result, you should have this:

Create an oval selection using the tool. .

On a new layer, fill this ellipse with a gradient from white to transparent.

Ctrl + D, selection is removed. Push Ctrl + T and rotate the ellipse on thirty degrees to the right. Enter – apply the transformation.

Duplicate the layer with the ellipse, hide the upper one for a while (close eye).

Hold Ctrl and click on the second layer with the ellipse.

A crescent shape selection will appear:

We need to lower it a bit: click on the down arrow and left several times.

Now you can click Delete. This is a gleam.

Using a soft eraser leave only a thin striped:

Duplicate this layer and place opposite:

Open the top flare and slightly reduce the transparency:

Go to the purple circle layer. And reduce the parameter Fill (Fill) to zero.

We find a beautiful picture and place it above the background layer:

Ctrl + click on the layer with the purple circle, invert the selection Shift + Ctrl + I, press Delete (make sure that at this moment you were standing on the layer with the picture).

Here is what a wonderful icon we have with you:

Now in this blank you can place any pictures and stamp badges in huge quantities.

Waiting for your work!

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