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Validation lessons Photoshop

We will start this Photoshop tutorial by creating a new document size. 350 x 166, then select tool – Ellipse shape , set the contour mode – and draw a circle while holding the key Shift.

After that, select the Text tool and set the same settings as in the screenshot, set the color – 42275e.

Next, position the cursor on the contour and type the English letter “l“- this will be an extreme bezel print.

The cursor cannot write around the contour –

Cursor next to the contour – (you can click – the cursor will appear on the contour)

Active, you can write on the contour –

Then draw another path. If you can’t make an even circle right away, then press the key combination Ctrl + T, to cause the tool free transformation.

Write on the new contour “Photoshop lessons every day” or whatever you want. To align the text, press the space bar – the text will move.

TIP: if the text is not written on a new contour, then close the eyes opposite layers with other contours.

Draw a new contour and type a chain of dots “.” ‘As seen in the image below. You can make spaces between points.

Next, draw another path and type the words “best” in the lower semicircle. Remember to use free transform.

Now merge the print layers that you got. Select the Text tool and write “PHOTOSHOP MASTER”, you can install the font more. Merge all layers again.

Then, select the tool and draw a circle the size of a print in shape mode , Colour – fcfcfc and reduce the parameter Fill (color density) to 33%. Place this layer under the printed layer, but above the background layer. Call it the “base print”.

Double-click on the window of the “print base” layer – the Add Styles window will open. Choose a style there Drop shadow (Add shadow)
Set the same settings:

Do not click OK yet.

Choose style Inner shadow (inner shadow)

Now click OK.

Your print should have only a slight hint of shadow.

Double click on the layer Background (Background) to remove the lock from it. And double-click it again – the Add Styles window appears.

Choose a style there Pattern overlay (Texture Overlay)
Next to the image of the texture there is an arrow – click on it and select the texture that you like more.

I took from the view Color paper (Colored paper) texture Charcoal flecks (coal specks)

When selected, click OK.

This is what I got as a result:

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