Drawing Sand Dunes in Photoshop

Today I will show you one way to create sand dunes in Photoshop. Nothing heavy, just in a few simple steps you will get an interesting texture. Let’s start!

Step 1. Sand Form
Create a new document, 500×500 pixels. Pen (Pen Tool) draw a simple shape similar to a sand dune. Fill the contour with # b0a57f. Name the layer Form sand.

Step 2. Create Bends with Gradient
Create a new layer, name the bend map. Fill this layer with white. Take the tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) with settings: black and white, radial, blending modeDifference (Difference).

Use Gradient several times to create random effects. There are no special rules, play with sizes and positions.

Next, go to Filter> Styling> Emboss (Filter> Stylize> Emboss) and apply the following settings:

Change blending mode layer on Overlap (Overlay), opacity (100%). Next, go to Edit> Transformation> Distortion (Edit> Transform> Distort) to give depth and perspective to the layer. Also make sure that the bend layer is below the sand layer. Also use tools Lightening (Dodge Tool) and Blackout (Burn tool) to combine two layers.

Step 3. Sand texture
Create a new layer, name it Sandy Texture. Create a selection in the form of a sand shape layer.

Note translator: to create such a selection, click on the thumbnail of the Layer of sand with the key held down Ctrl.

Fill the selection with color # cab76a. We go to Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter> Noise> Add noise).

Change the layer blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light), opacity (100%).

Step 4. Lighting Effect
Create a new layer, name it Lighting Effect. Set the foreground color to # 9a7c17, and the backlight to # 3e2709. Next, go to Filter> Rendring> Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds). Resize the layer to the same size as the shape of the sand layer. Set this layer overlay mode Overlap (Overlay).

A very good idea to use tools. Lightening (Dodge tool) and dimming (Burn tool) to add light and shadow. With this technique you can add a few dunes in the back for more realism. As we know, the quality depends on the quantity and level of detail.

Step 5. Adding the sky
To finish our landscape, you need to add a beautiful blue sky. You can use one of these beautiful textures, you can paint the sky yourself with the help of a lesson, or you can simply use these Spiddles user clouds.

Final result:

Author: PsdDude
Translator: Miroshnichenko Valeria
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