Drawing the sun

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw the sun!

Create a new document, approximately 600×600.

Press a letter D, so that the colors in the palette are set in that order.

Take the tool – Fill (Paint bucket) , to fill your document with black.

Then take the selection tool Oval area (Elliptical marquee), to make a big round selection. (Hold down the key SHIFT when you make a selection to make it perfectly round)

Now apply the following filter: Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter “Render” Clouds)

Then filter: Filter – Strokes – Emphasized Edges (Filter »Brush Strokes» Accented Edges).
options: Edge width (Edge Width): 7, Edge brightness (Edge Brightness): 40, Softening (Smoothness):five

Selection around the ball until you remove.

Refer to the menu again. Filter – Distortion – Spherization (Filter “Distort” Spherize)
Options: amount (Amount) 100%, mode (mode): normal (manual).

Then, repeat the procedure, but the parameter amount (Amount) do thirty%

Now click CTRL + D to deselect.

Apply another filter: Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates (Filter “Distort” Polar Coordinates). Install – Polar to Rectangular (Polar to Rectangular)

Then go to menu Image – Rotation of the canvas – 90 clockwise (Image “Rotate Canvas”90CW)

Again filter – Filter Styling – Wind (Filter »Stylize» Wind)
Settings: Method (method): Wind (Wind),
Direction (direction): On right (From the Right)

Refer to the menu Image – Rotation of the canvas – 90 counterclockwise (Image “Rotate Canvas”90CCW)

Then apply: Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates (Filter “Distort” Polar Coordinates)
Install – Rectangular to Polar (Rectangular to Polar)

Apply the filter: Filter – Distortion – Ocean Waves (Filter »Distort» Ocean Ripple)
Options: Wave size (Ripple Size): five, Force of the waves (Ripple Magnitude): 2

Now apply: Filter – Sharpening Contour Sharpness (Filter »Sharpen» Unsharp Mask)
Settings: Effect (Amount): 250, Radius (Radius): 6, Isogelium (Threshold): 85

Refer to the menu Image – Correction – Color Balance (Image »Adjustments» Color Balance).
Set the parameters to your taste:


So our bright sun is ready!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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