Drops of paint

In this tutorial, we’ll draw drops of paint that can be used to create avatars.

Step 1. Create a new document size 300×300 pixels Click D, to select black / white in the palette, then go to the menu Filter> Rendering> Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds).

Step 2. Press down Ctrl + F (repeat the last filter) until you get something like this:

Step 3. Now go to Filter> Sketch> Relief (Filter> Sketch> Bass Relief …) and set the values ​​as in the picture:

You should have something like this:

Step 4. Now go to the menu Filter> Sketch> Gypsum (Filter> Sketch> Plaster …) and specify the following parameters:

After that, the picture will look like this:

Step 5. Click Ctrl + I, to invert colors:

Step 6. The picture is almost ready. Click Ctrl + U, to open the settings window Hue / saturation (Hue / saturation). Tick Coloring (Colorize) and move the sliders until you get what you want:

Translator: Firstov Alexander

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