I congratulate all Russians on the victory of our national football team over the Swedes !!! Great was a match! I don’t take a great interest in football, but even I liked it! They are just GOOD FELLOWS !!!

On this occasion, I decided to translate a wonderful lesson in drawing the official logo of the championship.

So let’s get started.
The lesson turned out long, but useful!
Based on these techniques, you can create your own logos!

Create a new document. 1000×1000 px and 72 dpi.
Now on this document we will recreate the logo of Euro 2008.

This task can be solved most easily with the help of the tool. Pen, and for the correction we need a tool Angle (Convert Point Tool). Set the pen to the shape mode, color # FF1200 and draw just such a shape.

Through the button in the layers palette go to the palette of adding layer styles.
Add Shadow (Drop Shadow):

Now, with the same tools, try to draw a shadow on the bottom of the logo.
Color use # 9C0001

Next, go to the lights.
Draw a similar shape:

Add style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)

Gradient options:

Already looming volume!

We continue to paint reflections on the “lacquer” logo:

We take into account the gradient settings:

Here’s what happened:

Go back to the shadows.
Select the plot:


And the last draw a shadow:

Apply the gradient overlay style:

One more flare is missing. Finish it:

This was a red ribbon:

Let’s start creating a stylized ball.

Using Per, let’s draw an oval:

Parameter value Fill (Fill) = 0%
Add a layer style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)


This is what should happen:

Take the Feather and the Angle again, set the color32771C and draw a picture on the ball:

Then we draw another spot like this:

We put a gradient:

With such parameters:

We continue …
Now spot the right side:

Add a gradient:

And we get:

Look at the image below and paint the remaining spots yourself. Colors are indicated.

According to the drawing on the ball, it remains to make another such complex figure:

Add a gradient:

And we get such a funny ball!

Make the ball voluminous. Add light and shadow.
Draw a black figure like this:

Fill / fill reduce to 20%

Now a piece of white:

Blend Mode Change to Soft light (Soft Light)

Make a copy of the last layer, set the fill to 70%
Mode – Normal (Normal)

Now we need to draw two circles (one inside the other), for this we use the tool Ellipse / Ellipse Tool (U)

Fill / Fill = 0%
Style Stroke (Stroke)

Merge two layers into one, select them and press Ctrl + E.

Now take the eraser and erase the excess parts.

Draw another circle, only in contour mode.

Take the Text tool, gently bring it to the contour, the cursor bends – it means you can write text. We write the word “UEFA”.

Under the UEFA we write – EURO 2008 Austria – Switzerland.
You can use these settings for the font.




Finishing touch!

Above the word EURO, we now add a few ovalchik color #FC2C28

Go to the layers palette, select all layers with ovals, right-click, select the command Create clipping mask (Create clipping mask). Ovals will remain only on the word EURO.

The logo is ready! Merge all layers Shift + Ctrl + E.
Now this logo can be placed on your desktop.

We continue to root for Russia!

See you at www.!

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