Flag in a glass ball

In this Photoshop tutorial we will make a flag in a glass ball.

Create a new document and open the image with the flag.

Via elliptical selection tool Select the circle in the center of the flag.
Click Ctrl + Shift + I, to highlight the outer part and then
the key Delete, to remove it.

Next, turn to the main menu – edit> stroke (edit – perform a stroke), here we add a small black stroke around the flag.

Double-click on the flag layer to go to the panel. Layer style,
here we use the following settings:

Ctrl + click on the flag layer to select it.
Create a new layer .

In it by elliptical selection tool
in mode Intersect with selection draw a selection as shown below:

Fill the selection with a gradient (Colour white to transparent).
Next, we move to the main menu: filter> blur> gaussian blur,
with value Radius equal 20.

We get this result.

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