Floral wallpaper

This lesson will show you how to create a chamomile screensaver on your desktop.
Create a new file 1024×768 px and 72 dpi.
Create a new layer and select Brush tool (B) (Brush) with blurred edges, opacity level 30% (Opacity of 30%). Colour # A2BFE2. Paint over this layer with a brush.

Create a new layer (Create new layer) and use the same brush and color # F7B3D0. Paint this layer as shown in the picture.

Create a new layer again, again take the brush (Brush Tool (B)) and color # FDFCE4.

On the next new layer (Create new layera) we brush # 292D3D we will darken the lower right corner.

On the new layer tool Arbitrary shape (Custom Shape Tool) color # F06EAA We put several butterflies of different sizes (when resizing, press SHIFT). (Each butterfly should be made on a new layer in order to rotate it, use Free transformation Ctrl + T, and then select these layers and merge into one with the command Ctrl + E)

Find a picture of the sky with clouds:

Paste it into our document and apply the following parameters: The blending mode of this layer is Hard light (Blending mode – Hard Light)

Find a picture with flowers:

Cut them out and paste into the picture. Choose Free transform (Free Transform, ctrl + T) to rotate the flowers, as shown in the image below:

Apply the following parameters to the layer with colors: blending mode – Linear dimming (Blending mode – Linear Burn)

Next we use the tool Arbitrary shape(Custom Shape Tool (U)) on the new layer insert several small (different sizes) colors. # 89D5ED (when resizing, press SHIFT)

Apply the following parameters for this layer: Blend mode – Bright light (Blending mode – Vivid Light)

Find the image with the girl:

Cut it out of the picture in any known way and paste it into our screensaver:

Using the Tool Pen (Pen Tool) draw the shape as shown in the picture, color 89D5ED. The form can be adjusted tool Angle (Convert Point Tool). This layer needs to be dragged under the layer with the girl and the layers drawn on the panel.

Make 4 copies of the newly created layer. Choose Free transform (Free Transform) to arrange the layers as shown in the picture (the color of the copies is shown in the picture). Do not forget to arrange the layers on the layers panel:

Select only that created layers with forms, Ctrl + click click and click Ctrl + G, to group them. We set the opacity parameter (Opacity) to 70%.

Create a new layer, take Brush (Brush Tool (B)) with blurred edges and white color, draw light areas, as in the figure below. This layer must be above the girl layer (on the layers panel)

We download brushes from the Internet: VECTOR_FLOWERS by IHEA (or you can find suitable brushes on our website). On the new layer we draw with these brushes (as in the figure below). White colour. Layer must be under the layer with the girl.

Apply the following parameters for this layer: Blend mode – Soft light (Blending mode-Soft Light).

Find images with flowers:

Cut flowers from pictures:

We insert flowers into our document, make copies of them, use Free transform (Free Transform) to resize copies:

Select only the created layers with colors (Ctrl + click on the layer) and click Ctrl + E (merge them into one). Click on the Layers panel (Layers) icon Create a new adjustment layerand choose Curves (Create new fill or adjustment layer> Curves).

On the Layers panel click with the mouse Alt between the Curves effect and the color layer so that the effect applies only to this layer.

On a new layer with a white brush with soft edges (30% opacity) paint over the area at the girl’s feet.

Find an image with a butterfly:

Cut the butterfly and place it in the picture, as shown below:

Make 2 copies of the butterfly. We use Ctrl + U (Hue / saturation) to change color. We use Free transformation (Free Transform) to change the size and location of the butterfly.

Finish, our screensaver is ready!
I hope you enjoyed the lesson. That’s what happened with me:

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