glass slipper

Do you want to turn an ordinary shoe into a crystal one?

Find a photo of a shoe.

Circle the shape of the shoe with the pen.

Ctrl + right click on the selection, select the command Make selection (Create selection), set the feathering radius to 0.

Create a new document, fill the selection with any color.

Ctrl + D, remove selection. Take the feather again and draw the glare on the shoe.

Push Ctrl + Enter – contour turns into a selection.

Duplicate the pink shoe layer and name the layer “Glare”

Take the Brightener tool and paint the light right on the selection.

Now, using the Dimmer draw shadows.

Invert selection – click Shift + Ctrl + I

Add shadows on the remaining parts of the shoe.

Ctrl + D, remove selection.

Go to the menu Filter – Sketch – Chrome (Filter – Sketch – Chrome), we set the following settings.

That’s what happened – a chrome shoe :)

We will turn it into a crystal one after all. To do this, go to the menu Image – Correction – Levels (Image – Adjustments – Levels)

Move the white and black sliders closer to the center.

Let’s add crystal blueness, for this we will open a palette Color / Saturation (Ctrl + U)

Set about the same settings, most importantly do not forget to put a tick next to Toning.

Shoe is ready!

With this technique, you can turn any thing into a crystal, for example, a crystal teapot:

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