Gold butterfly with diamonds

In this lesson we will create a beautiful golden butterfly with diamonds.

First save this diamond picture –

Now go to Editing> Define Pattern … (Edit – Define pattern). Now we have a diamond pattern.

We start creating the logo itself.
Create a new document size 300×300 px. Set the primary color as # bb6b0c, and as a background # d28714. Take the Freeform tool (U). Select a butterfly shape. Now draw a butterfly on the canvas, and then 2 times click on the layer (in the layers palette) to open the layer styles.

Select Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay)

and then Shadow (Drop Shadow), set the shadow parameters: opacity = 40%, Colour # 4b545d, offset = 10 px, span = 0 px, size = 60 px.

Now choose style Stamping (Bevel and Emboss). Set the following parameters:
depth = 810%, size = 8 px, mitigation = 0 px, angles: 135 and thirty degrees, in the backlight mode, set to white, and in the shadow mode – black with opacity 60%. Gloss contour, select as in the picture below:

Now select Gloss (Satin). Parameters: color white, opacity 25%, angle nineteen degrees offset 27 px, the size 16 px, select the contour as in the picture below.

Create a new layer and set it above the butterfly shape layer. Ctrl + click on the butterfly layer to make a selection.

Go to Select> Modify> Contract (Select> Modify> Compress) size 7 px. The selection should look like this:

Press D. Click on the new layer without removing the selection, and fill it with black. Now double click on the layer filled with black color to open the layer styles. Select Outer glow (External glow), set the parameters: mode Overlay (overlap), color white, opacity 75%, swing 65%, and size 3 px.

Next, select Stroke (Stroke). Parameters: size 1px, position outside mode Soft light (Soft Light), color black, opacity 80%.

Now press Ctrl and click on the black butterfly layer to select it, and now create a new layer above it.

Go to Edit> Fill (Edit> Fill) and select the diamond pattern that we saved at the beginning of the lesson there.

Click OK, and then press Ctrl + D to deselect. Now the logo is ready.

For more beauty, you can add some more highlights, use brushes for this. So our logo will look more natural!

Lesson author: Andrei Bilan

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