Golden glow

Hello, dear lover of Photoshop!

We offer you another lesson on creating a stylish logo.

Open new document size 400 px x 400 px, and create a new layer.
Take the tool Ellipse tool (U), with settings like the one below, and draw a circle in the center of our image.

Via Rectangular marquee tool (M) select half the circle and press the key delete.

Here’s what we got:

Next, using Elliptical Marquee Tool We begin to cut off, as in the previous step, parts of our halves until you get something like that.

At this stage you can improvise and draw the shape of your own design.

We go further.
Duplicate the layer with the resulting image.
in the main menu, select Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal
and arrange the parts as shown
(the distance between the parts should be equal to 1px):

Go to the panel Layers, select the top layer with a pattern
press the key combination Crtl + e, to merge two layers with
forms together.

Double-click on the resulting layer to go to the panel. Layer style.

Apply the following settings to our layer:
Drop shadow:

Inner Glow:

Gradient Overlay:


Push Ok, and here in front of you in all its glory stylish logo

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