Hakka Texture

A quick photoshop tutorial on creating khaki-style textures.

1. Create a new document with 1000 × 1000 px and fill it with this color #476031.

2. Apply Filter > Texture > Texturizer(Filter> Texture> Texturizer) with these settings:

3. Now we have the following relief:

4. Create a new layer and fill it with black.
After apply Filter > NoiseAddNoise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise) with these settings:

5. In the black layer, change the blending mode and transparency. I used mode Lightening (Screen) and transparency 50%.

6. Now we add the texture of the fabric to our background.
Create a new document with a transparent background size. 4? 4 pixels, enlarge the document and draw the diagonal using Pencil tool, as shown in the picture below.

7. Then go to menu Editing> Define Pattern (Edit – Define Pattern) and save this sample.
After that, we return to our main document, create a new layer, go back to the menu Editing and choose a team Run Fill – select a new texture from the list.

Change the layer style to Overlap (Overlay) and set the opacity to thirty% for this layer.

8. Ok, now let’s add a military style texture.
First click D, To set the black and white color, then create a new layer and apply Filter> Rendering> Clouds (Filter – Render – Clouds):

9. Now click Image > Adjustments >Threshold (Image> Correction> Isohelium) with these settings:

Now we have this picture:

10. To make it more realistic Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur):

Your picture will look like this:

11. Apply Image > Adjustments >Threshold(Image> Correction> Isohelium) with such parameters

Now the pattern looks better:

12. Change the layer overlay on Multiplication (Multiply) with opacity 20%.

13. It’s time to add small details to our layer.
You can use Grunge brushes for this, you can download them here. Use them on a new layer with opacity. 50%.

14. Now I propose to add dark areas to the texture. To do this, create a new layer, take the Brush tool (200 px) and draw large dark spots on the texture.

15. Apply a filter to this layer. Filter > Blur > GaussianBlur(Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) with parameters:

Set the layer opacity 70%

Hooray! Our hakki style is ready.

Author: photoshopstar

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