Horror movie poster in photoshop

Final result:

Lesson resources:

Create a new document and insert a wall image into it. Name the layer “Wall Texture” and create an adjustment layer for it. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) via the black and white circle icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

Insert a photo of the girl who covers her mouth into our document and name the layer “Girl”. Create an adjustment layer for it. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) with clipping mask (Ctrl + Alt + G). Lower the brightness of the image.

Add a mask to the layer with the girl (click on the mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette). Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) (G) and configure it as shown below. Fill the mask at the bottom of the canvas.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and name it “Black Makeup”. Select the Brush Tool (B) and paint the area around the girl’s eyes in black. Set the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) and lower Opacity (Opacity) up to 75%.

Choose a tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T) and select the “Impact” font with a size of 250 pixels. Write the word “HELP” in any color.

Add a new text layer. Choose the font “Brush Script Std” (you can find it on the Internet) and write “me”.

The text needs to be broken into several pieces, like glass. How to do this, read in this lesson. The meaning of the method described in the lesson is that you need to impose a vector shape with cracks on the text and apply layer styles.

Create a new layer on top of the rest and add a rusty texture to it in our document. Stretch it over the entire canvas and set the blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light).

Add a mask to the texture and select the tool. Brush (Brush Tool) (B) (settings shown below). Paint the face and part of the hands in black to hide the rusty texture.

Insert your handprints in our document. Create a copy of the layer (Ctrl + J) and flip horizontally (Editing> Transform> Flip Horizontal) (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal).

Combine both layers with handprints (Ctrl + E) and name the resulting “Bloody Handprint”. Place the prints on the text and set the blending mode to Darken the Background (Color Burn).

Create another copy of the layer with handprints and place it on the hands of the girl. Tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) (E) erase unnecessary part of prints. Then select the tool Finger (Smudge Tool), configure as shown below, and create a smudge.

Insert a sewn skin incision image and position it on the forehead.

Set the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay).

For a layer with a slit, create an adjustment layer Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation).

Tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) (E) wipe off the excess sections of the incision so that it is properly superimposed on the forehead. Then select a black brush with soft edges and paint the girl’s eyes. Use the tool Finger (Smudge Tool) to create smudges.

This concludes the lesson. Perhaps in the process, you will be useful texture of the blood or blood of the blood.

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