Human logo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw a logo in the form of a little man.

Create a new document with a white background. 294 x 174.

Now add a light shadow below.
Select the Gradient Overlay style in the Layer Style window.
set the same settings:

Swipe the gradient from bottom to top and your image will look like this.

Next you need to load a new shape. Then find this shape with the tool arbitrary shapes. .

Color set e95f20 and draw a logo.

Double-click on the shape layer in the layers palette and select the “Blending Options …” command.
with these settings:

Next, apply the embossing or emboss style.

Add Contour

“Overlay color”

As a result, you get the same.

Draw another of the same shape, just set the color to black. Place this layer below orange.

Next, click Ctrl + T to transform the future shadow. Hold key Ctrl, grab the top middle knot and pull it to the right and down.

As soon as the shadow is normal, click Enter.

Apply the Blur filter and decrease the Fill parameter.

See you at www.!

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