In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw the Skype program logo (Internet Phone).

Create a new document size 292 x 159.
Fill the document with this –92c240– in green.

Go to the layers panel and double-click the background layer to unlock it. OK

Now load this texture into Photoshop.

Double-click again on the background layer in the layers palette – the Add Styles window will appear. Select the “Texture Overlay” style there.

Find this striped texture and set the same settings:

This is what you should get:

Next, take and draw a circle as below using a color for the shape like this – 6dad00. Name this layer “Foundation.”

Double-click on the layer and add the “Shadow” style.

And the “Inner Shadow”

And also “Emboss”

And the last style is “gradient overlay”

That’s what you should do.

Again take and draw two circles as shown below. Use the same color (6dad00). Make sure that the layers with small circles are under the layer “Base”.

Add the following styles to these circles.



“Gradient Overlay”

See how your icon should now look:

Next, “Ctrl” + click on the layers with small circles to make a selection. Hold down the “Shift” key when you click on the second layer, then both circles will be highlighted at once.

Now go to the menuSelection “-” Modify “-” Contract“(Selection – Modification – Compress) on 2 px.

Create a new layer, then go to the menu “Edit “-” Stroke“(Editing – Add stroke). Select black,” Center “(center) and width to 1 px.

Click Ctrl + D – remove selection.

That’s how you get it:

Add styles to the black stroke layer.

Set the following styles with settings:

“External glow”

Here is the result:

It’s time for the tool . Open the panel Character and set the following settings there:

Now write the letter “S”. The letter layer should be at the very top in the layers palette.

Add a layer with the letter style “Inner shadow”:

And also “External Glow”

And “Embossing”

That’s what you get.

To make the ends of the letter “S” rounded do the following:
– rasterize the text layer
– select the oval selection tool
– create two ovals as below
– fill in white
– deselect.

It is finished !!! Here is the result!

You can add gloss to this logo for more effect.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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