Hello again!
This time we will make an “incendiary” wallpaper on your desktop!
I saw this effect somehow and wondered: how is this done ???? Let’s understand TOGETHER!

Outside, summer, sun, dancing … … Just in the subject. And for the winter there will be a warm memory))).

Create a new document: 1920×1200pix.
Fill the new layer with color # e50100.
We mark the center of our work, with the help of guides – it will be more convenient in the future.

Select the Ellipse Selection tool. (ElipticalMarqueeTool).
On the property panel of the tool set the value Feathering discharge (Feather) equal 150 pix and holding Shift+Altwe draw an equal circle from the center.
Fill the selection # fede95 color on the new layer.

Remove selection Ctrl+D.

I wanted to make the center a little brighter – using a brush (BrushTool) – Colour # fede95 Rigidity(Hardness) 0, Opacity ( Opaticy) 100%, The size (MasterDiametr) 400pixI add yellow strokes on the New layer.
All layers are merged together (Crtl+E).
Selecting the dimmer tool (BurnTool).
Using the following settings (see screenshot), we shade the lower part of the yellow circle.

Then, create a new layer and brush (BrushTool), Colour # fede95, Opacity (Opacity) thirty%- add a little glow.
Merge layers (Crtl+E).

Now we will draw the rays.
The easy way is to choose from Figures (CustomShapeToola figure resembling diverging rays and combine its center with the center of the image.

But it looks too easy … ..
We will draw by hand.
For this useful pen (PenTool).
In the properties panel of the tool, press the button Molding layer (Shapelayers) – the same color – yellow.

First we draw vertical rays, focusing on the intersection of the guides.
It is better to save the contour of each beam (double click on the created working contour and click OK)

Now, in the contour panel (Paths) select the contour of the lower beam and copy it (press the LMB and pull the button New Contour – Createnewpath).
And we transform this copy (Crtl+T): reduce the width of the contour to 80% and rotate it, shifting the center of rotation to the intersection of the guides. Extend to let the beam go beyond the boundaries of the document.
Create selection – the button Create selection based on the contour (Loadpathasaselection) in the Contours panel.
Then, on the new layer, add the fill. # fede95.
Remove selection – Ctrl+D.

And again a copy of the lower beam, its transformation: reducing the width to 70% and turn.
New layer, fill, deselect.
And so do not fill out the bottom 1/4 of the document.
At your discretion, you can change the number of rays or their thickness.
We do each ray on a separate layer – this is convenient for correction – suddenly, from the first time, something will not like it, and so it will most likely be)))

Do the same with the upper vertical beam and fill in the upper quarter of the document.

Select the layers with the rays (except for the vertical rays – lower and upper) and merge together – (Crtl+E).
The resulting layer is copied and mirrored horizontally (Edit – Transformation – Horizontal Reflection EditTransformFlipHorizontal).
Drag and drop into the free part of the document and align.
Merge all layers with rays (Crtl+E).

Choosing the Eraser tool (EraserTool): Stiffness (Hardness) -0, Opacity ( Opaticy) – 60%, The size (MasterDiametr) – 500pix.
And erase little by little rays around the edges of the image.

Then, select the Dimmer tool (BurnTool) and shade the center of the rays and their peripheral part.
It is more convenient to work with a large brush with low opacity and create the effect gradually – with separate strokes.

And now we need dancing men.
On our site a lot of brushes with the image of people. Choose any!
We will arrange the little people in three rows: the first is black, the second is maroon (# b80403), the third is red (# e50100).
Choose a brush tool (BrushTool) and FORWARD!
I drew each little man on a separate layer – it was more convenient, and I combined the layers into groups by color (three colors – three groups).
I started with the first – the black row.
For even distribution, you can create a guide (see screenshot).

Then we place the second layer a little higher. The growth of people slightly reduced.

And the third – also lift. Let’s make the men just a little lower.

That’s what comes out in the end!

Best wishes,

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