Jessica Alba Wallpaper

I’ll show you how to create celebrity wallpapers on them using two photos and Photoshop features. Also, from this lesson we will learn how to correct colors, change the background and use some filters.

Create a new document. File – New (ctrl + n).

Fill the background with white. Next, in the new window, open the photo or image that will be processed File – Open (ctrl + o).

Tool Rectangle selection (Rectangular Marquee) select part of the picture. Further Editing – Copy (Edit – Copy (ctrl + c)). We return to the main document in which we make the wallpaper and paste the copied and saved to a new layer Editing – Paste (Edit – Paste (ctrl + v)).

Using tools Magnetic Lasso and Eraser, separate the girl from the old background and place on a white background.

Take the tool Finger(Smudge Tool), select about two pixels of the brush and go through the hair to make it look more vibrant.

Work with color using Image – Correction – Selective Color Correction (Image – Adjustments – Selective Color).

Brightness and contrast can be corrected if you use the levels tool. Image – Correction – Levels (Image – Adjustments – Levels (ctrl + l)).

Create a new layer. Layer – new layer (Layer – New – Layer). Paste a picture on this layer for the background. In our case – the night bridge.

Decorate the background layer: Image – correction – discolor (Image – Adjustments – Desaturate) (shift + ctrl + u) and make the necessary corrections by selecting Image – Correction – Curves (Image – Adjustments – Curves (ctrl + m)).

Refer to this layer and select the following command: Filter – Sketch – Wet Paper (Filter – Sketch – Water Paper).

Minimize the opacity of the city layer up to 60%.(Opacity)

Now make four copies of the layer with the girl. Layer – duplicate layer (Layer – Duplicate Layer) (ctrl + j).
One of the copies must be left where it was. Move the remaining three copies to the left side, decreasing their scale successively. Next, select: Layers – merge layers (Layer – Merge Down) (ctrl + e).

Blur the layer where the 3 girls are combined. Filter – Blur – Radial Blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur.)

Change the blending mode of this layer to Hard light (Blending Mode on Hard Light).

Change a little color: Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation (Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation) (ctrl + u).

Use the tool “Freeform” (Custom shape), further: Editing – free transform (contour) (Edit – Free Transform) (ctrl + t). On a new layer, insert any shapes from the standard set. We must also change the angle of their placement, and the size (the color should be the same as the girl’s dress, use Tool Pipette(Eyedropper Tool)).

Make a copy of the girl. Layer – create duplicate layer (ctrl + j) and place it above the shape layer. Thereafter: Layer – create clipping mask (Layer – Create Clipping Mask) (ctrl + g) and finally enlarge the picture a bit (ctrl + t).

Merge grouped layers (ctrl + e) ​​and select the following options: Editing – Stroke (perform a stroke) Edit – Stroke, firstly for the decoration layer, and then for the layer with the girl.

Now, merge all visible layers: Layer – merge visible (Layer – Merge Visible) (shift + ctrl + e) ​​and make a copy of the new layer (ctrl + j). Then we have to blur it using Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Change the blending mode to overlap (Blending Mode on Overlay) and remember to minimize layer opacity up to 32% (Opacity).

On the new layer, you need to create a thin frame, apply the tool Rectangle (Rectangular Tool).

Now we have to choose a set of brushes. Brushes can be downloaded here to insert white splashes on the picture. If they are not intense enough, we can copy the layer containing the spray (Ctrl + j) several times and here is our final result:

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