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1. Creating a ribbon (vector shape)
To begin with, create a ribbon like the one in Photoshop using the tool Pen (Pen tool). We will use these forms as a basis for our drawing.

2. Joining photos
Choose 3 photos to your taste and put them together.
Translator’s Note: I created a separate file, customized it with the help of free transformation (free transformation) drawings in size and merged all layers into one.

3. Warping (Warp Tool)
Reduce the transparency of the photo layer to 40% or 50%, so you will see the base. Use Editing> Transforming> Deformation (Edit> Transform> Warp). Now you see a lattice and 4 “anchors” in the corners. Focusing on the curves of the image, drag the anchors and grids.

Repeat this step for the rest of the tape. This is a fairly simple step, so we will not go into details, be guided by the illustrations:

4. Creating a mask
Create a group for each layer (i.e. lane 1, 2, 3, 4)
Translator’s Note: Create a group of folder icon below the layers menu.

Load a selection for the form created in step 1 and add layer mask for each group (so you get a completely smooth curve).

5. Shadows
In the mask of the group 1 layer, create a new layer above the ribbon. Use Gradient tool (Gradient tool), drag it from the top to the bottom to create a black gradient.
Translator’s Note: we use a linear gradient that goes from black to transparent.

Repeat this step for the rest of the tape.

6. Glare
To make highlights and brilliant areas, create a glowing circle and squeeze it in the direction of the tape.
Translator’s Note: to create a circle, use brush large diameter with soft edges, use free transformation to compress

7. Stroke tape
To create a ribbon edge edge: load the ribbon selection, create a new layer, fill the selected area with black color, move the selection left 1 or 2 pixels, delete the fill by pressing the key Delete.
Translator’s Note: Move with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Judging by the figure, you can do the same manipulations with a white fill, and remove the excess with a soft-edge eraser at the edges, just need to move another pixel further.

8. Final touches
In order to make the image even more interesting, you can discolor the last 2 tape fragments.

The result of the lesson in a larger size

Here is what the translator did:

Transfer: Akimenko Alevtina
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