Logo from the picture

Recently watched the movie “Transformers” and decided to devote one of the lessons to this film.
Now you will see how you can create a logo from a regular pattern.

For this lesson I offer you two images:

In this tutorial I worked with the first image. Autobots logo.

So, let’s begin.

We open the new document, in the size 482×482 px, with white background.

Next we go File> Open > and open the image of the transformer.

Using the tool – a rectangular selection () select the image with the logo and tool move () transfer it to our newly created document.

Now we need to get the outline of our image, let’s go Filters> Stylize> Trace Contour, with settings as shown:

Here is what we got:

Next, we will draw the resulting image, start from the top of our picture. Take the pen tool (Pen tool) and put the nodes at the points indicated by the numbers. At point 2, we adjust the line connecting the nodes under our contour.

Reduce the transparency of the layer (Shape 1) to 50%

Take In the mode as shown in the picture:

And we put dots in the corners of the triangle, thereby removing the inside.

Put the transparency of the layer in the same place. Change tool mode on the former. Next we draw the left upper part of the logo:

We draw two white lines in the same way that a triangle was recently drawn on the forehead of our transformer.

Duplicate this layer:

Let’s go Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal and using the displacement tool Drag to your place to the right.

Do the same with the bottom side of the logo. Next, draw the remaining parts of our logo, and delete the layer with the contours.

And in the end we have to merge all the parts together, for this we right-click on each layer and select the command Rasterize Layer:

Next, merge them (Ctrl + E).

So, we received a logo, everything that you will do with it further depends only on your imagination:

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