Logo in the style of DISCO

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Did you ever want to create a logo in style DISCO? If so, this lesson is created for you!

Let’s get started! Create a new document size 500 x 300 pixels. Choose suitable colors, for example # 6a0037 and # 3f000c and stretch the linear gradient (linear gradient).

Ok, now create a new layer and tool Polygonal Lasso(PolygonalLasso Tool) draw a shape like in the picture and fill it with white color:

Remove selection with a shortcut key. Ctrl +D and apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter > Blur > GaussianBlur)with these settings:

It should look like this:

Now apply Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter > Blur > MotionBlur) with the following settings:

Blend mode is changed to Overlap (Overlay):

Choosing a tool Horizontal text(HorizontalTypeTool) and write “Disc”. No need to write ‘o’, we will add it later.

The author used the font AG_Futura (150 pt, crisp). You can use any other. Ok now apply layer styles
Shadow (Drop Shadow)

and Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)

You should have something like this:

Now let’s add a little glow to our letters. Choosing a tool Oval area(EllipticalMarqueeTool) and create a selection like in the image below. Choosing a tool Gradient(GradientTool) with color from white to transparent, create a new layer and fill the selected area as shown in the figure below.

Now select the text (Ctrl + left click on the text layer), click Ctrl +Shift +I to invert the selection and click Delete to clear the selected area.

Remove selection (Ctrl +D) and reduce the opacity of the layer (opacity) to 60%.

Well, it’s time to add the letter “O”. I think it’s better to place an image of a disco sphere instead. Find the right image. The author used this drawing. We move our sphere to the main image and increase it to the appropriate size:

Apply the Drop Shadow style to this layer with the following settings:

It should turn out like this:

Ok, now let’s add some bright spots from the sphere to the floor. First create a new layer, select the tool. Oval selection(EllipticalMarqueeTool) To create a selection like in the picture, and fill it with white color:

Remove selections Ctrl +D and push Ctrl +T To transform this white circle:

Duplicate the layer with this white circle Ctrl +J and again we transform this circle by slightly shifting it to the left (Ctrl +T):

Repeat this action a few more times until you have a big circle like in the picture:

Copy a large circle by pressing Ctrl +J. Reduce a bit (Ctrl +T) and place a copy as shown in my image.

Repeat this action a few more times.

Ok, now we merge all the layers and set the blending mode in the resulting layer Overlap (Overlay). Move this layer under the layer with the sphere.

Choosing a tool Polygonal Lasso(PolygonalLassoTool) (Feather: 3 px) Select the area as in the image below and click Ctrl +J:

Apply the Color Overlay style with the settings as shown below:

It should turn out like this:

Now add more text. Choosing a tool Horizontal text (HorizontalTypeTool) and write the word ‘Style’ in color #fe7390:

Copy the text you just created. Ctrl +J and move it higher. Change color to #e71866:

Do the same thing. Only color change to # 87023d:

We are almost done. Now add some stars to our logo. Create a new layer, select the tool. Polygonal Lasso(PolygonalLassoTool) and create a selected area as in the figure below, fill it with white color:

Remove selectionCtrl +D, push Ctrl +J to copy the layer and reduce the star Ctrl +T:

Drain these two stars and reduce them a little more, do this action a few more times:

That’s all, we have finished this lesson, I hope everything worked out for you!

I wish you success in learning Photoshop!

Transfer: Anton Samoilov

Link to the source of the lesson

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