Love wallpapers

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create stylish, but simple “Love wallpapers”. This is what we should get at the end of the lesson.

First create a new document, approximately 1920×1200, and fill it with a mirror gradient, set the color from #2f0d0d at #681c1c.
We carry the gradient from the center to the bottom edge.
We look at the figure below, as it should.

Now we select some graphic element to our wallpaper. These can be brushes or shapes. For example, such.
These figures you can download HERE.

(Figures in PNG format, just open them in Photoshop, just like a regular photo and drag it onto your work document)

Combine the image of people and Cupid on one layer (select and click Ctrl + E) and set the opacity of the layer to 50%. Next we merge the layers with the ornament and set the fill of the layer, also somewhere on 50%.

Merge two layers with pictures, click Ctrl + J, to copy the layer and go: Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter-Blur-Blur in motion). And set the values ​​as in the figure below.

This is what we should get:

Now, using the tool, Pen Tool (Pen) draw the text you need. This is what should happen:

So, the text is almost ready. Now select the contour and right-click on it – Make selection (To form a selected area), the feathering radius will be left at 0.

Create a new layer, select Edit> Stroke (edit – perform a stroke), take the color – white, set the width of the brush to three pixels.

Cancel selection. Erase unnecessary lines with a soft brush.

On the layer with the stroke, add the layer style (Double click on the layer) – external glow, set the values ​​corresponding to the figure below.

So, now press Ctrl + J (duplicate the layer), Apply the filter – blur – blur to motion, and slightly shift this layer.

Now add a little flicker of our inscription. Create a new layer. Select the Elliptical Selection tool. and draw circles in white at the intersection of the lines.

Cancel selection. Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (filter – blur – blur according to Gauss) and set the following values:

Press Ctrl + J a couple of times and drag the layers as shown in the image below:

Wonderful! But that is not all. Select the Custom Shape Tool (arbitrary shape), heart, this is the standard shape.

Select our heart, as shown in the picture:

Turning the heart with Edit> Transform> Rotate (Editing – Transformation – Rotate)

Apply layer styles to the heart: External glow, internal glow, Overlay gradient.

Select our heart and go Select – Modify – Contract (Selection – Modification – Shrink), about 5 pixels. Select the Gradient Tool (gradient) and fill our selection with a gradient from white to transparent.

Create a new layer and use draw a small circle and fill it with white.

Move it slightly to the side, remove the selection (Ctrl + D) and press Ctrl + F to select the filter (motion blur). Blend mode is changed to Overlay.

Duplicate the layer, move it a little higher and set the layer opacity to 50%.

Merge all the layers with the heart into one. Now is the time to make a hole in the center to achieve the effect of passing the letter through the heart. Select the text layer, select it, and go to the heart layer, use the eraser , as in the picture below. Deselect and use dimmer tool to create a hole.

Very elegant wallpaper? Don’t you think so?

Experiment with the above methods, and create!

Author: photoshopstar

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