Making a Christmas Card in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create a Christmas card in Photoshop in a few steps. You will also learn how to create complex shapes with the Pen tool.

Create a new document sized 1500 x 2000 px, resolution 72 ppi, RGB 8 bit background color is white.
Then create an adjustment layer. Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient (Layer – New Layer – Fill – Gradient).

Open and transfer snow texture to your working paper.

Change the blending mode of this layer to Screen (Screen)

Open the second texture and position it as shown below.

Change the blending mode to Linear dodge(Linear Dodge)

Then create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). Choose a tool Brush tool (B) (Brush), from the downloaded set, select a brush and draw some more snow. Just add a few stars with a white soft brush of different diameter.

Choose a tool Pen tool (P) (Pen) in Figure mode color # d32419 and draw a cap shape similar to the one shown below.

Then draw the shape of the rim of the cap. The color of the figure is white.

Then draw an eyebrow. Duplicate the shape layer (Ctrl + J), flip horizontally (Ctrl + T> Flip Horizontal) and drag.

Similarly, draw a mustache.

Choose a tool Ellipse tool (U) (Ellipse) and draw a circle.

Now we need to draw glasses. We will do this tool Pen tool (P) (Feather) in two stages to create the basic shape and then subtract the central part.
So: tool Pen tool (P) (Pen) In Figure mode, color # 752e2c draw the basic shape as shown below.

Then select the modePath (Contour), in the tool options, select SubtractFrontShape (Subtract the front shape) and draw a path to subtract the area inside the shape.

Duplicate the shape layer, flip horizontally (Ctrl + T> Flip Horizontal) and dock.

And to complete the image of Santa Claus, the tool Pen Tool (P) (Pen) in Figure mode, draw a beard.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). Take the tool Brush tool (B) (Brush) and add stars.

And finally add the text.

The final result.

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