Making a holiday card in Photoshop

After studying this lesson, you will learn how to make a postcard for a holiday, such as a birthday.

This is what we should have:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Open a new document, size 1024×768.

Step 2. Create a new layer. Let’s call it Pattern. Then fill the new layer with the dots of the pattern. If you do not have this pattern, download from the archive. Now you will not make much effort to use the pattern: Editing – Run Fill (Shft + F5). Set its opacity to 20-30%.

Step 3. Create a new layer. Let’s call it Border. Then select from the list wide brushes. Choose a coarse 111px brush. Draw 2 horizontal lines in black.

Step 4. Open the palette of brushes. If you do not see it, go to Window – Brushes or press “F5”. In the palette of brushes choose “Imprint formbrushes and change the angle to 90 ‘. We will have a horizontal brush.

Step 5. Draw 2 vertical lines, as you did in step 3. These lines should not be completely straight.

Step 6. Put it aside for the time being … Open the image you selected. I choose this picture from

Move on Image – Correction – Color Balance or use a key combination Ctrl-B and set the data shown below:

Here is what we get:

Step 7. Duplicate the background image (Ctrl-J). We are now working on a copy of the layer. Move on Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map and do as below:

Duplicate this layer. On the first copy of the layer, change the blending mode to Overlap and in the second copy layer we change the blending mode to Lightening, opacity set 72%. Make sure the Overlap layer is below the Brightening layer. It turns out:

Step 8. It’s time to apply some textures. They need to be applied in the order shown below:

Step 9. You can apply these textures this way:

Texture 1:

Texture 2:

Texture 3: Rotate it 180 degrees.

Use soft Eraser , to erase the boundaries of the texture.

Step 10. Change the blending mode of the three textures to Soft light.

Step 11. Create a new layer and fill it with color. # 1e1c69. Then change the blending mode to Lightening.

Step 12. Ctrl – Shift – E or select Layers – Merge Visible. Merge all layers. Duplicate. Go to the copy of the layer Filter – Blur – Radial Blur and set the radius 10-20px. Linear method. In general, you can specify any size you want. Then change the blend mode of the copy layer to Multiplication. If you want a darker photo, you can duplicate a copy of the layer again or as many times as you want. Here is my result with one overlap.

Step 13. You can skip this step if you want. Create a new layer, fill it with white. Add a layer mask. Select the Watercolor Brush (you can download them at the end of the lesson) and use this brush to erase the white color. Like this:

Step 14. Add a brush and text.

Step 15.Ctrl – Shift – E or select Layers – Merge Visible. Drag the image into the first document we made at the beginning of this lesson. Add layer mask and use a soft brush and a watercolor brush in white to erase the borders. Make sure that this layer is below the Border layer.

Step 16. Duplicate our image, reduce it, rotate it and install it. opacity about 60-75%. Duplicate it and reduce it again, but with opacity about 20-35%.

Step 17. It’s time for Textures 4.
Blending mode: Soft light
Opacity: 20-30%

Step 18. Add text, brushes and flowers.

Here is the final result:

Here is another option:

Transfer: Mikhailova Elena
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