Making an original poster in Photoshop

This lesson is for everyone who wants to create beautiful brochures and posters that will not leave anyone indifferent. Today, we will carefully combine different techniques and effects in order to get an absolutely perfect result. So just repeat after me and you will be satisfied.

First of all we, of course, have to create a document. Perhaps you have already done posters and you know the size and resolution we need. As you understand, there are standards. We will work with 300 dpi. The more, the better, so if your machine is powerful enough, you can increase this value. If weak, on the contrary, reduce. All parameters are shown below:

So now let’s add the model itself to our project. First, we will work with it a bit, we will make our picture more detailed. Press Ctrl + Shift + U to discolor the image. Further Image – Adjustment – Shadow / Highlights (Image – Correction – Shadows / Light). Next, click on the button Show More Options (Additional options) and set the settings like mine:

Now let’s work with the photo in more detail. If you need to remove some wrinkles, use Burn tool (Dimmer). Settings are listed below *:
* Shadows – Shadows

You can also visually enlarge your breasts by adding shadows to the right places using the same tool.

Add noise. Apply Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise) with the following parameters:

Now apply another filter. Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur):

And again filters! Filter – Sharpen – Smart Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – “Smart” Sharpness) with the settings shown in the illustration below:

We apply the same filter again, but with different settings. This will create an uneven mascara effect. From the word “mascara” and not “carcass”, you guessed it, you are my brainy.

It’s time to cut off her head. On the picture. There are several possible options. If you cut it from the background, just select and delete. If you took her image along with the background, then you have to work with the tool. Clone stamp (Cloning stamp).

Change the mode Image – Mode – Grayscale (Image – Mode – Grayscale). Next, apply Image – Mode – Bitmap (Image – Mode – Bit format with the following settings.

Next in the window Halftone screen (Include halftone raster):

Next, load the tiger’s face into the project in order to replace with it the head that we chopped off. Bleach the image and cut out the face tool Pen tool (Pen) with mode Paths (Circuit).

Select the face, right-click on the selected area and click Make selection (To form a selected area).

Duplicate the background layer and add a layer mask for the duplicate. Fill the original background layer with white.

Now do the following – we have to simulate the tiger’s hair, which we partially damaged when we cut it. Use Smudge tool (Finger) Spatter brush from standard set.

We will process the face of the tiger as we have processed the image of the girl. Shadows and highlights, dimming, noise, blur, sharpness, and so on.

Copy the face of a tiger on our main project.

We remove the white background with the help of a magic wand.

We press Image – Mode – RGB (Editing – Mode – RGB). Duplicate the background and fill the original with orange. Set the duplicate overlay mode to Overlay (Overlap).

Create a new layer between the background and the layer with the main photo. Select the girl-tiger, a little going beyond the boundaries. Fill with white.

Now, using a pen, we will draw the flames at the bottom of the poster. This effect will look good.

We copy to the new document the silhouette of fire and apply to it all the effects that we used for the girl and for the tiger. We also use a pair of grunge brushes to add extra noise. It turns out like this:

We transfer the flame to the project. Remove white areas.

Now add the text. The main thing is to find a good grunge text.

And the last. Duplicate the color layer for the background. Repaint the original to white. Reduce the duplicate to create such a frame:

My congratulations, everything is ready!

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