Making night wallpapers in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create beautiful wallpapers with a summer summer landscape for your desktop from scratch.

Create a new document File – New (File> New), select a size that matches the resolution of your monitor, in this case the author has created a document of size 1024? 768 px. Draw with Pen tool (Rectangle Tool (U)) divide the document into 2 parts, black and white, slightly more black.

Navigate Layer Style — Gradient Overlay (Blending Options> Gradient Overlay) and set the following parameters:

We applied these parameters to the black band. Now make for white. Do the same as in the previous step, just change the settings:

This is what should happen after 2 steps:

Now create clouds. Just in case, press D to set the default colors. And now we go Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds)

And now Filter – Blur – Blur frame (Filter> Blur> Box blur)


In the next step, we increase the contrast of the image. Clamp a key combination on the keyboard Ctrl + M and in the dialog box that opens, set the approximate value:

Change layer style with clouds to Lighten (Screen)

Copy the cloud layer and hold down the key combination Ctrl + L. In the dialog box that opens, set the approximate values:

This is what should happen after this:

Create a new layer and select the tool. Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool (L)) and draw the mountains. Then take Paint Bucket Tool (G) and fill them with black.

Create a new layer. On the new layer, select Brush (Brush) with the image of grass. Make the grass appear on the hill.

Find images with different trees and a couple of lovers. Separate them from the background. The author took these pictures:

Now you need to paint the trees and the strip in black. To do this in the style layer select Color overlay (Blending Options> Color Overlay)

Place them on a hill on the wallpaper.

Take Pencil Tool (B) with a small radius and white color. Draw stars.

Create a new layer. It will need to be located behind a layer with a hill, trees and grass. With the tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool (U)) we will draw a month. While holding Shift, make 2 circles intersecting each other. Pour this area # F9F2AC color.

Next, we go Layer Style – Inner Shadow (Blending Options> Inner Shadow).

Merge all layers Ctrl + E. We copy Ctrl + J and turn it upside down Ctrl + T.

Choosing a tool Finger and blur the layer that will be water.

Change Opacity of a layer (Opacity) by 25%.

That’s all, our wallpapers are ready!

Transfer: Lyubimova Yu.
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