Making the design in the style of Pop Art

Hi, today we will be drawing in the style of pop art, a very popular style lately. Well then … Let’s start …

Create a new document.

Let’s create this selection here.

Copy it on a separate layer.

Fill the selection with black. Now select the tool eraser , The author chose such a brush (unfortunately he did not leave a link to such brushes, but I think everything can be found on the Internet. For example: Abstract Mega Pack or Vector Grunge Brush Pack) and click on our rectangle as shown below.

Now add some text.

The author wrote Bayville. You can choose any other word.

And add the text below.

Make a copy of the main image.

Select this layer. Press Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail and walk around the layer a bit different. brush, The author chose purple.

Add mask layer and using gradient hide some of the effects. The gradient is linear, from white to transparent, the opacity level for the instrument is 51%.

In the picture below you can see that the author hid a part of the violet. Merge the layers.

Ctrl + B and slightly change the color of the main layer. Settings: +24; -100; +90.

Next, choose a gradient, the author chose a subtle transition of bright colors.

Add layer styles:
Gradient overlay – gradient overlay
Pattern overlay – pattern overlay

Settings look at the screenshot.

Add a new adjustment layer – Color balance, add it under the main layer. Settings: +6; +41; -83.

Add a layer below the adjustment layer and change blending mode on – Hard light.

Here’s what happened:

Transfer: Olga Kasatkina
Link to the source of the lesson

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