Metal patterns

We begin this Photoshop tutorial by creating a new document.
Set the dimensions 31 (width) x 32 (height). Ok

Then select the tool and draw 2 even circles holding the key Shift.

Below you see an image enlarged to 400%
Background color – c0c2bd, color circles – 868883

Right-click on the layer with circles in the layers palette and select “Blending options…”(Overlay Settings)

Add a shadow style:

And the “inner shadow”

Apply this style to both circles.

Then duplicate the layers with circles and remove the effects from the copies, right click on the layer and select “Clear layer style“(Clear layer style). Then, on duplicated layers, decrease the parameter Fill (fill) to 0%.

Add duplicated circles style “Shadow”

Next, go to the menu “Edit“(Editing) -“Define Pattern“(Define texture). Name the texture and click OK.

Create a new document and fill it with any color.

Choose stylePattern overlay“(Overlay texture), in the settings, select your texture.

Next, duplicate the background layer and delete the layer style from the copy.

Open the Overlay Settings window and change the setting.
Fill opacity (opacity fill) on 0%.

In addition, you need to add a style “Gradient overlay“(Overlay gradient).

Here is the result!
Now you have a wonderful background for your future creative work. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

See you at www.!

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