Neon Wallpaper

Hello. This lesson is about how to make a screensaver for your presentation. For this, the author used the standard Photoshop techniques.

Start by creating a document and a layer. We need 2 documents for this lesson, create another document (without closing the first one).

First, make the most important square one. The author used the size 500×500 pix

Using tool Arbitrary shape(Custom Shape) we need to create a brush. Make a copy of the layer and transform it using a button click. shift.

In the end we should have this. This will be our sample for the brush. Now move straight to the center, the sample should be directly in the center.

* Layer – Merge layer

To save the brush in Photoshop, you must do the following: Edit – Define Brush (Editing – Define brush …).

And here we see our sample, ready brush.

Now I will do another, but very similar to the one that I already have. In fact, there are millions of ways to modify and redesign brushes in Photoshop. You can create brushes from almost everything.
To change my brush, I simply used the layer style as a tool.
Switch to the brush document and apply several effects to our cross. Here are the styles to use for the brush.

And here are the layer styles. Remember that Fill should be on 0 (zero)%.
Shadow: Angle 90.

Inner shadow: Angle 90.

Internal luminescence: Blend Mode – Normal, Colour – The black, Tightening – eight%.

If you like the brush, save it in Photoshop. now we have Hollow cross brush (Hollow cruciate brush).

All that’s left is to test the brush. Create a new layer and start drawing.

Draw a few crosses, changing the opacity.

You can change the opacity of the brush print either in the settings of the brushes palette or in the settings of the brush on the panel at the top of the desktop.
Here are the settings for those who can handle the palette of brushes.

*Control: Pen pressure.

Create another layer for the foreground. Here draw with our second brush – Hollow cross (Empty cross).

Apply only one layer style to the foreground. Glow using options Outer glow (External glow).

* Outer Glow: Color – # 95fef8, The size – 40pix.

You should practice mixing colors and color interactions. Now just change the background layer color a little bit (PAINT).

Now the text. The first rule is to choose the right font.

And apply only one layer style for it.

* Outer Glow: Opacity – 73%, Colour – # 0aa6ea, The size – 87px.

In the final, the author made some color correction. Color balance, blending mode Linear light (Linear light) opacity thirty% 40%.

* Color balance: Levels – -23/0/+one, Tone balance – Sveta.

And that’s what we did.

Author: Jeka!
Transfer: John Jackson

Link to the source of the lesson

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